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Title Year Publisher Authors Link
Global hotspots of climate-related disasters 2024 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction Donatti et al. Access
The untold story of missing data in disaster research 2023 Environmental Research Letters Jones et al. Access
Outbreaks Following Natural Disasters: A Review of the Literature 2023 Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Walika et al. Access
Human and economic impacts of natural disasters: can we trust the global data? 2022 Scientific Data Jones et al. Access
Documenting Drought-Related Disasters: A Global Reassessment 2007 The Journal of Environment & Development Below et al. Access
Data on Disasters : Easier Said Than Done 2006 Disaster & Development Guha-Sapir et al. Access
The Development of a Database on Disasters 1992 Disasters Guha-Sapir and Misson Access