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EM-DAT: Disasters of the week

Week 46-2021: November 08 - November 14
Natural disasters:

2021-0722    Floods; Tamil Nadu, India
2021-0723    Floods; Thailand
2021-0732    Snow storm; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
2021-0735    Floods; Alger, Algeria
2021-0736    Wave action; Volta region, Ghana
2021-0737    Floods; Aswan Governorate, Egypt
2021-0738    Earthquake; Hormozgan Province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0739    Floods and landslides; Sumatra and Java Islands, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2021-0730    Fire in a school; Maradi, Niger
2021-0731    Collapse in a gold mine; Garin-Liman, Niger
2021-0742    Shipwreck; Kivu Lake, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 45-2021: November 01 - November 07
Natural disasters:

2021-0706    Floods; Indonesia
2021-0711    Landslide; Narino Department, Colombia
2021-0712    Floods; Cajamarca Region, Peru
2021-0714    Floods; Sri Lanka
2021-0715    Landslide; Shaanxi Province, China
2021-0716    Landslide; Serdang Begadai Regency, Indonesia
2021-0717    Floods; Malaysia
2021-0718    Floods; Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces, Viet Nam
2021-0719    Flash floods ; Batu and Malang, Indonesia
2021-0724    Floods; Philippines
2021-0725    Floods; Bosnia and Herzegovina

Technological disasters:

2021-0703    Collapse of a building; Lagos, Nigeria
2021-0713    Road accident, Azad-Cachemire, Pakistan
2021-0726    Fire in an hospital; Ahmadnagar, India
2021-0727    Explosion of a oil tank; Freetown, Sierra Leone
2021-0728    Road accident; Chalco, Mexico
2021-0729    Stampede during a festival; Texas, United States

Week 44-2021: October 25 - October 31
Natural disasters:

2021-0700    Floods, Algeria and Tunisia
2021-0702    Tropical cyclone ‘Rick’, Mexico
2021-0704    Floods, Eastern coast, United States
2021-0705    Floods; Kurdistan region, Iraq
2021-0707    Floods; Western Visayas Region, Philippines
2021-0708    Wildfires; Lower Austria State, Austria
2021-0709    Dengue outbreak; Pakistan

Week 43-2021: October 18 - October 24
Natural disasters:

2021-0680    Floods; Quang Binh, Thua Thien-Hue provinces, Viet Nam
2021-0681    Floods; India and Nepal
2021-0683    Floods; Antioquia, Colombia
2021-0686    Flash floods and mudslides; Malaysia
2021-0687    Severeve weather; Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France
2021-0689    Floods; Indonesia
2021-0690    Floods; Abidjan area, Côte d'Ivoire
2021-0691    Floods; Thala, Borj Chakir, Tunisia
2021-0699    Landslides; Zamora Chinchipe Province, Ecuador
2021-0701    Floods; Benin

Technological disasters:

2021-0684    Road accdient; Cairo, Egypt
2021-0688    Fire in an explosives factory; Riazan, Russia

Week 42-2021: October 11 - October 17
Natural disasters:

2021-0669    Flash floods; Shanxi Province, China
2021-0670    Tropical cyclone 'Kompasu'; Philippines and Hong Kong
2021-0671    Tropical cyclone 'Pamela'; Mexico
2021-0672    Severe weather; Sololá Department, Gautemala
2021-0674    Floods; Thailand and Cambodia
2021-0677    Floods; Kerala state, India
2021-0679    Floods; Near Bandung, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2021-0673    Fire in a buidling; Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2021-0674    Shipwreck with migrants; Tunisia
2021-0678    Shipwreck with migrants; Spain
2021-0685    Road accident; Haut-Katanga, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 41-2021: October 04 - October 10
Natural disasters:

2021-0643    Wildfires; Guanaja Island, Honduras
2021-0644    Severe weather; Piedmont Region, Italy
2021-0646    Flash floods; Indonesia
2021-0647    Floods; Querétaro State, Mexico
2021-0651    Earthquake; Chiba prefecture, Japan
2021-0652    Severe weather; Philippines
2021-0653    Floods, North Sumatra and Borneo Isl., Indonesia
2021-0654    Earthquake; Hernai district, Pakistan
2021-0655    Severe weather; Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, China
2021-0656    Severe weather; Colombia
2021-0657    Wildfires; Córdoba Province, Argentina
2021-0658    Flash floods and landslides; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinc, Pakistan
2021-0659    Severe weather; Sicily, Italy
2021-0660    Sandstorm; Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais states, Brazil
2021-0661    Floods; Moukalla, Yemen
2021-0664    Tropical cyclone 'Lionrock', Philippines and Hong Kong

Technological disasters:

2021-0665    Plane crash; Tatarstan, Russia-
2021-0666    Shipwreck; Mongola province, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 40-2021: September 27 - October 03
Natural disasters:

2021-0624    Floods and lightning; India
2021-0627    Earthquake; Greece
2021-0628    Severe weather; Tuscany region, Italy
2021-0639    Severe weather; West Sumatra Province, Indonesia
2021-0640    Floods; Kedah and Perak states, Malaysia
2021-0642    Floods; Ashanti Region, Ghana
2021-0645    Cyclone 'Shaheen'; Oman and Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0648    Severe weather; Schleswig-Holstein State, Germany
2021-0649    Floods; Lubjana, Slovenia

Technological disasters:

2021-0662    Oil spill, California, United States
2021-0663    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya

Week 39-2021: September 20 - September 26
Natural disasters:

2021-0625    Floods; Ibagué City, Colombia
2021-0626    Wildfires; Shasta county, California, USA
2021-0629    Landslide; Labahe Tow, Sichuan, China
2021-0630    Cyclone 'Gulab'; Andhra Pradesh, India
2021-0631    Floods and landslides; Sumatra Isl., Indonesia
2021-0632    Floods and landslides; northern and central regions, Vietnam
2021-0633    Floods; Jalisco state, Mexico
2021-0634    Floods and landslides; North, South and Southeast Sulawesi, and Gorontalo, Indonesia
2021-0635    Flash floods; Davao district, Philippines
2021-0636    Severe weather; Guatemala
2021-0641    Flash floods; Central Visayas Region, Philippines

Week 38-2021: September 13 - September 19
Natural disasters:

2021-0591    Floods and landlsides; Sabah state, Malaysia
2021-0592    Floods; Indonesia
2021-0593    Tropical cylcone 'Chanthu'; Korea (Republic of)
2021-0594    Floods; Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia
2021-0597    Severe weather, Sicily and Catania, Italy
2021-0612    Floods; Thailand
2021-0613    Volcanic eruption; La Palma Isl., Canary Isl.
2021-0614    Severe weather, Italy
2021-0637    Floods and landslides; Eastern Uganda

Week 37-2021: September 06 - September 12
Natural disasters:

2021-0590    Floods; El Salvador
2021-0595    Tropical cylone 'Conson'; Vietnam and Philippines
2021-0596    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0598    Wildfires, Malaga province; Spain
2021-0599    Meningitis outbreak; Tshopo province, Cogo (Dem Rep)
2021-0600    Floods; Hidalgo, Mexico States, Mexico
2021-0601    Floods; Tungurahua Province, Ecuador
2021-0602    Earthquake; Southern Guerrero State, Mexico
2021-0603    Floods; Guatemala
2021-0604    Floods; Prachinburi and Phitsanulok Provinces, Thailand

Technological disasters:

2021-0618    Explosion and fire in a hospital; Tatovo, Macedonia
2021-0620    Bus accident; Keraya, Bolivia
2021-0621    Fire in jail; Tangerang, Indonesia
2021-0623    Road accident; Naâma, Algeria

Week 36-2021: August 30 - September 05
Natural disasters:

2021-0558    Floods and landslide; Sudurpashchim Province, Nepal
2021-0559    Severe weather; Western, Sabaragamuwa, and Southern Provinces, Sri Lanka
2021-0560    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0561    Flash floods; Castellón and Valencia Provinces, Spain
2021-0582    Floods; Colombia
2021-0605    Floods and landslides; Central Nepal
2021-0606    Floods and landslides; Indonesia
2021-0607    Floods; Morelos State, Mexico
2021-0608    Floods; Sumatra and Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia
2021-0609    Floods; Thailand
2021-0610    Floods; Northern region, Ghana

Technological disasters:

2021-0579    Road accident; Kurdistan, Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0580    Toxic pollution of Kasai river; Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0581    Bus accident; near Suez, Egypt

Week 35-2021: August 23 - August 29
Natural disasters:

2021-0531    Tropical depression 'Henri'; USA
2021-0534    Floods; Sudan
2021-0535    Landslide; Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam
2021-0536    Cholera outbreak; Niger
2021-0537    Severe weather; Son La Province, Vietnam
2021-0538    Floods and landslides; Venezuela
2021-0539    Floods and landslides; Guatemala
2021-0542    Mudflows; Dagestan, Russia
2021-0543    Floods; Pong District (Phayao Province), Thailand
2021-0544    Floods; Zou department, Benin
2021-0549    Floods and landslides; Nepal
2021-0550    Landlside; Uttarakhand State, India
2021-0551    Tropical storm 'Ida'; USA
2021-0552    Tropical storm 'Nora'; Mexico
2021-0557    Floods; Assam state, India

Technological disasters:

2021-0545    Shipwreck with migrants; near Zouara, Libya
2021-0553    Collision between two boats; Huallaga river, Peru
2021-0554    A bus falls into a ravin; Huallpachaca region, Peru
2021-0555    Collision between two boats; Bijoynagar, Bangladesh

Week 34-2021: August 16 - August 22
Natural disasters:

2021-0528    Tropical cyclone 'Grace'; Mexico
2021-0529    Flash floods; Congo (Dem Rep) and Uganda
2021-0530    Floods; Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Indonesia
2021-0532    Floods; North Carolina, USA
2021-0533    Floods; Tennessee, USA
2021-0540    Floods and landslides; Cundinamarca Department, Colombia

Technological disasters:

2021-0527    Shipwreck with migrants; Mauritania

Week 33-2021: August 09 - August 15
Natural disasters:

2021-0479    Floods; India
2021-0480    Wildfires; Kabylia region, Algeria
2021-0481    Floods; South Sudan
2021-0482    Floods; Indonesia
2021-0483    Floods; Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, Russia
2021-0484    River fire; Placer and Nevada Counties, USA
2021-0500    Landslide; Himachal Pradesh Stat, India
2021-0501    Floods and landlsides; Black Sea region, Turkey
2021-0502    Wildfires; Siberia, Russian Federation
2021-0503    Heat wave; Tunisia
2021-0504    Wildfires; El Kef, Jendouba and Kasserine, Tunisia
2021-0507    Fllods; Hubei province, China
2021-0508    Floods; Japan
2021-0509    Tropical cyclone 'Fred'; Mexico and Haiti
2021-0510    Earthquake; Haiti
2021-0513    Wildfires; Chefchaouen (Morocco)
2021-0516    Wildfires; Spain

Technological disasters:

2021-0514    Road accident; Jigawa state, Nigeria
2021-0515    Explosion of a pretol tank; Akkar region, Lebanon
2021-0517    Shipwreck with migrants; Bangladesh

Week 32-2021: August 02 - August 08
Natural disasters:

2021-0468    Wildfires; Vlora region, Albania
2021-0470    Floods: West Bengal state, India
2021-0471    Floods; Sichuan Province, China
2021-0472    Cedar Creek fire; Washington State, USA
2021-0473    Floods; Sudan
2021-0474    Floods; South Hamgyong province, Korea (Dem Rep)
2021-0475    Forest fires, Santa Cruz deparment, Bolivia
2021-0482    Floods; Indonesia
2021-0483    Floods; Amur Region, Russian Federation
2021-0484    Rive fire; Placer and Nevada Counties, USA
2021-0493    Tornado; Tver oblast, Russian Federation, USA
2021-0505    Wildfires; Bulgaria
2021-0506    Wildfires; Macedonia

Technological disasters:

2021-0476    Collision between a bus and a truck; Batchenga, Cameroon
2021-0477    Collision between a bus and a truck; Yaounde region, Cameroon
2021-0478    Road accident; Texas, USA

Week 31-2021: July 26 - August 01
Natural disasters:

2021-0444    Cholera outbreak; Nigeria
2021-0445    Floods and landslides; Bocas del Toro Province, Panama
2021-0446    Floods; Costa Rica
2021-0447    Severe weather; Northern Italy
2021-0449    Floods; Marib andTaizz, Yemen
2021-0450    Severe weather; Vietnam
2021-0451    Floods; Myanmar
2021-0453    Flash floods; Nouristan province, Afghanistan
2021-0454    Forest Fires; Antalya and Akseki, Turkey
2021-0455    Floods and landslides; Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
2021-0456    Flash floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Region, Pakistan
2021-0457    Floods; Tak province, Thailand
2021-0458    Flash floods and cloudbursts; India
2021-0459    Forest fires, Greece
2021-0460    Wildfires; north-eastern Akkar Governorate, Lebanon
2021-0461    Floods; Niger
2021-0462    Earthquake, Piura region, Peru
2021-0463    Forest fires; Finland
2021-0464    Floods; Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, India
2021-0465    Forest fires; central and south-eastern Italy
2021-9459    Drought; Kazakhstan

Technological disasters:

2021-0448    Shipwreck with migrants; near Khoms, Libya
2021-0452    Road accident; Uttar Pradesh, India
2021-0466    Road accident; Kibuba, Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0467    Shipwreck; Mboko, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 30-2021: July 19 - July 25
Natural disasters:

2021-0423    Flash floods; Oman
2021-0424    Floods; Kasese, Amolatar districts, Uganda
2021-0428    Storms and Floods; Zhengzhou City (Henan Province), China
2021-0429    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0430    Severe weather; Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0432    Muldslides; Sughd region, Tajikistan
2021-0433    Dixie fire; California, United States
2021-0434    Wildfires; Sardaigne, Italy
2021-0435    Floods and landslides; Maharasthra, Goa, Karnataka states, India
2021-0436    Severe weather; Belgium and France
2021-0440    Floods; Luzon Isl., Phlippines
2021-0441    Flash floods; Mindanao, Philippines
2021-0442    Floods; Colorado and New Mexico, United States
2021-0443    Severe weather; Donetsk and Luhansk Regions, Ukraine

Technological disasters:

2021-0422    Road accident; Pendjab province, Pakistan
2021-0431    Shipwreck; Selingué lake, Mali
2021-0437    Bus accident; near Slavonski Brod, Croatia
2021-0438    Fire in a depot; Jilin; China
2021-0439    Shipwreck with migrants; Crete, Greece

Week 29-2021: July 12 - July 18
Natural disasters:

2021-0405    Floods; Kyushu Island, Japan
2021-0409    Floods; Kandy and Nuwara Eliya districts, Sri Lanka
2021-0410    Wildfires; Arizona, California, Oregon, USA
2021-0411    Severe floods; Germany, Belgium
2021-0413    Mudslides; Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekisan
2021-0414    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0415    Floods and landslides; Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, India
2021-0416    Severe weather; Banjul, Gambia (the)
2021-0419    Monsoonal rain, landslides and collapse of a wall; Bombay, India

Technological disasters:

2021-0406    Collapse hotel; Suzhou, China
2021-0407    Road accident; Chuquisaca department, Bolivia
2021-0408    Fire hospital; Nassiriya, Iraq
2021-0412    A bus falls into a ravin after an explosion; Kositan district, Pakistan
2021-0417    Several shipwreck after a violent storm; Kalimantan, Indonesia
2021-0418    Road accident; north Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
2021-0420    Shipwreck; Liberia
2021-0421    Road accident, tanker explosion; Siaya county; Kenya

Week 28-2021: July 05 - July 11
Natural disasters:

2021-0379    Floods; Aceh Province, Indonesia
2021-0380    Floods; Jiangxi Province, China
2021-0381    Floods; Nepal
2021-0382    Floods; Bologo and Dafra districts, Chad
2021-0385    Severe weather, Phetchaburi and Saraburi Provinces, Thailand
2021-0390    Heat wave; USA
2021-0396    Floods and landslides; Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
2021-0397    Floods; Krasnodar Region, Russia
2021-0403    Earthquake; Douchanbé region, Tajikistan
2021-0404    Floods; Mindanao Island, Philippines

Technological disasters:

2021-0383    Fire in a chemical factory; Samut Pakan province, Thailand
2021-0395    Fire in a food factory; Rupganj, Bangladesh
2021-0401    Road accident; Van prefecture,Turkey
2021-0402    Road accident; Algeria

Week 27-2021: June 28 - July 04
Natural disasters:

2021-0359    Tropical storm 'Enrique'; Mexico
2021-0365    Tornadoes; Deli Serdang Regency (Sumatra Province) Indonesia
2021-0366    Floods; Assam state, India
2021-0367    Wildfires; British Columbia, Canada
2021-0368    Severe weather; Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria, Germany
2021-0369    Heat wave; British Columbia, Canada
2021-0370    Wildfires; Chyprus
2021-0372    Mudslide; Atami, Japan
2021-0373    Hurricane 'Elsa', Caribbean
2021-0375    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0376    Taal volcanic eruption; Batangas in Luzon, Philippines
2021-0377    Flash floods; Texas and New Mexico, United States
2021-0378    Severe weather; Nepal

Technological disasters:

2021-0371    Crash of a military plane; Jolo (Sulu province), Philippines
2021-0374    Shipwreck with migrants; Zarzis, Tunisia

Week 26-2021: June 21 - June 27
Natural disasters:

2021-0347    Severe weather; Indonesia
2021-0348    Floods; Ghana
2021-0349    Floods; Romania
2021-0350    Floods; Antioquia and Tolima Departments, Colombia
2021-0351    Severe Weather; South Moravian Region, Czech Republic
2021-0352    Severe wether; Germany and Switzerland
2021-0353    Earthquake; Peru
2021-0354    Severe weather; Guatemala
2021-0355    Severe weather; western & southern Poland
2021-0356    Torndao; Montreal area, Canada
2021-0357    Wildfires; Arizona, Montana & Utah, United States
2021-0360    Flood; Caracas area, Venezuela
2021-0361    Flash floods; Bulgaria
2021-0362    Storms; refugee camps, East Sudan
2021-9359    Drought, Mozambique

Technological disasters:

2021-0358    Collapse of a residential complex; Flordia, United States
2021-0364    Fire in a martial art school; Henan proince, China

Week 25-2021: June 14 - June 20
Natural disasters:

2021-0305    Storm 'Claudette'; Alabama, United States
2021-0308    Floods; Nepal and Bhutan
2021-0317    Tornado; Aukland City, New Zealand
2021-0318    Flash flood; Oise, France
2021-0319    Floods and landslides; Java and Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia
2021-0320    Floods; Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine
2021-0321    Severe weather; Phatthalung Province, Thailand
2021-0322    Severe weather; France
2021-0323    Earthquake; Maluku Regency, Indonesia
2021-0324    Severe weather; Garoua City, Cameroon
2021-0325    Severe weather; Central Valley Region (Oaxaca State), Mexico
2021-0326    Floods; Guyana

Technological disasters:

2021-0306    A bus falls into a ravin; Peru
2021-0309    A truck falls into a river; Kasama, Zambia

Week 24-2021: June 07 - June 13
Natural disasters:

2021-0327    Tropical storm 'Koguma'; northern Vietnam
2021-0328    Floods and landslides; Panama
2021-0329    Earthquake; Yunnan province, China
2021-0330    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0331    Flash floods; Cotabato Province, Philippines
2021-0332    Floods and landslides; Santa Catarina state, Brazil
2021-0333    Severe weather; India
2021-0334    Floods; Victoria state, Australia
2021-0335    Flash floods; Mississippi State, United State
2021-0337    Floods and landslides; Tolima department, Colombia

Technological disasters:

2021-0307    Gas explosion in a residential area; Shiyan, China
2021-0310    A bus falls into a ravin; Baloutchistan, Pakistan
2021-0311    Crash of a military plane; Mandalay, Myanmar
2021-0312    Rail accident; Daharki, Pakistan
2021-0313    Fire in factory; Pune, India

Week 23-2021: May 31 - June 06
Natural disasters:

2021-0298    Floods; Canterbury Region, New Zealand
2021-0314    Floods and landslides; Sri Lanka
2021-0336    Severe weather; Germany
2021-0338    Tornado; Deli Serdang Regency, Indonesia
2021-0339    Tropical storm 'Hoi-Wan'; Philippines
2021-0340    Floods and landslides; Antioquia Department, Colombia
2021-0341    Severe weather; Heilongjiang Province, China
2021-0342    Severe weather; Punjab province, Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2021-0315    Shipwreck, Tanganyika lake, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 22-2021: May 24 - May 30
Natural disasters:

2021-0295    Cyclone 'Yaas', India and Bangladesh
2021-0299    Floods and landslides; Guatemala
2021-0300    Severe weather; Izabal Department, Guatemala
2021-0301    Floods and thunderstorms; Thailand
2021-0302    Floods; Bandung Regency (West Java Province), Indonesia
2021-0303    Floods; Amazonas State, Brazil
2021-0304    Floods; Burundi

Technological disasters:

2021-0288    Subway accident, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2021-0296    Shipwreck; Niger river, Nigeria
2021-0297    Shipwreck with migrants; Florida, United States

Week 21-2021: May 17 - May 23
Natural disasters:

2021-0252    Tropical cyclone 'Tauktae'; India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives
2021-0273    Severe weather; Louisiana, United States
2021-0274    Severe weather; Tamaulipas, Oaxaca States, Mexico
2021-0275    Severe weather; Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenang, Guatemala
2021-0276    Floods; Aceh Province, Indonesia
2021-0277    Flash floods; Slovakia
2021-0278    Earthquake; North Khorasan Province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0281    Dengue outbreak; Mombasa and Lamu, Kenya
2021-0284    Volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo; Goma, Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0285    Severe weather; Guatemala
2021-0286    Floods and landslides; Kilembe Town (Kasese District), Uganda
2021-0287    Forest fires; Corinthia prefecture, Greece
2021-0292    Severe weather; Gansu province, China
2021-0293    Earthquake; Yunnan, China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2021-0289    Collapse in a gold mine; Bondo, Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0290    Accident with a cable car; Stresa, Italy
2021-0291    Truck accident; Cambessé, Guinea-Bissau
2021-0294    Accident in a wastewater treatment plant; Dmitriadovka, Russia

Week 20-2021: May 10 - May 16
Natural disasters:

2021-0253    Floods and landslides; Sri Lanka
2021-0254    Tropical storm 'Three'; Zamboanga Peninsula and Davao Region, Philippines
2021-0255    Tornadoes; Hubei and Jiangsu provinces; China
2021-0256    Floods; western and southern Kenya
2021-0257    Severe weather; south-eastern France
2021-0272    Landslides; Tajikistan
2021-0282    Floods and storms; Rwanda

Technological disasters:

2021-0271    Shipwreck with migrants; Tunisia

Week 19-2021: May 03 - May 09
Natural disasters:

2021-0239    Floods; Somalia
2021-0240    Floods; Eastern Region and Northern Region, Uganda
2021-0241    Floods and landslides, Indonesia
2021-0242    Severe weather; Mindanao island, Philippines
2021-0244    Floods; Yemen
2021-0258    Floods; Western Cape Province, South Africa
2021-0259    Flash floods; Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0260    Severe weather; Cambodia
2021-0261    Severe weather; Thailand
2021-0262    Floods and landslides; northern Sumatra Island, Indonesia
2021-0263    Flash floods; Afghanistan
2021-0264    Tunderstoms; Lumbini, Sudurpashchim and Gandaki Provinces, Nepal
2021-0265    Flash floods; Médéa, Batna, M’sila Provinces, Algeria

2021-0266    Tornadoes; United States

Technological disasters:

2021-0243    Collapse in a gold mine; Tatakourou, Guinea
2021-0245    Collapse of a subway bridge; Mexico city, Mexico
2021-0246    Collision between two boats; near Shibchar, Bangladesh

Week 18-2021: April 26 - May 02
Natural disasters:

2021-0225    Earthquake; Sonitpur District, India
2021-0226    Floods; Davao City (southern Mindanao), Philippines
2021-0227    Floods; Tana river basin, Kenya
2021-0228    Floods; western Burundi
2021-0229    Floods; Barbacoas Municipality (Nariño Department), Colombia
2021-0230    Floods and landslides; Quiché and Sacatepéquez Departments, Guatemala
2021-0248    Thundenstorms; Nantong, China
2021-0251    Severe storms; Texas and Oklahoma, United States
2021-0267    Landslides and floods; Indonesia
2021-0268    Floods; Alta and Baja Verapaz, Guatemala
2021-0269    Floods; Merida State, Venezuela
2021-0270    Flash floods; Sanaa, Ibb, Shabwa and Hodeida governorates, Iran (Islam Rep)

Technological disasters:

2021-0247    Fire in an hospital; Gujarat state, India

Week 17-2021: April 19 - April 25
Natural disasters:

2021-0231    Floods; Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni sub-prefecture, French Guyana
2021-0232    Floods; Para state, Brazil
2021-0233    Floods; Cochabamba Department, Bolivia
2021-0234    Avalanche; Chamoli District (Uttarakhand State), India
2021-0235    Floods and landslides; Cusco region, Peru
2021-0236    Tropical cyclone 'Surigae'; Philippines

Week 16-2021: April 12 - April 18
Natural disasters:

2021-0210    Severe weather; Plateaux Region, Togo
2021-0211    Severe weather; Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, USA
2021-0212    Floods and landslides; Loreto province, Peru
2021-0213    Floods; Tarime District (Mara Region), Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2021-0214    Floods and landslides; Cundinamarca and Meta Departments, Colombia
2021-0215    Earthquake; Bouchehr province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2021-0216    Widlfires; Cape Town's Table Mountain National Park, South Africa
2021-0217    Flash floods; Lao Cai, Ha Giang and Yen Bai Provinces, Vietnam
2021-0218    Severe weather; Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro Provinces, Panama
2021-0219    Flash floods; Bolivar and Putamayo Departments, Colombia
2021-0220    Floods and landslides; Pernambuco State, Brazil
2021-0237    Severe weather; western and northwestern, Cambodia
2021-0238    Floods; Luanda Province, Angola

Technological disasters:

2021-0196    Shipwreck with migrants; Djibouti
2021-0221    Oil truck accident, Agatu (Benue state), Nigeria
2021-0222    Rail accident; Toukh, Egypt
2021-0223    Shipwreck with migrants; near Sidi Mansour, Tunisia

Week 15-2021: April 05 - April 11
Natural disasters:

2021-0173    Tropical cyclone Seroja; Timor Leste and Indonesia
2021-0180    Severe weather; Domican Rep
2021-0181    Floods; northern and southern Queensland, Australia
2021-0182    Floods and landslides; Colombia
2021-0184    Floods; North-West and Nord-East Departments, Haiti
2021-0195    Volcanic eruption, La Soufrière; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
2021-0198    Forest fires; Uttarakhand State, India
2121-0199 Severe weather; Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi, USA
2021-0200    Earthquake; East Java region, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2021-0197    Flooding in a coal mine; Hutubi County, China

Week 14-2021: March 29 - April 04
Natural disasters:

2021-0183    Severe weather, central and western parts, Bangladesh
2021-0186    Floods and landslides; Churuja District (Amazonas Province), Peru
2021-0188    Wildfires and drought; South Dakota, USA
2021-0189    Floods; White Nile State, Sudan

Technological disasters:

2021-0174    Collision between a ferry and a cargo; Bangladesh
2021-0175    Collision between a bus and a truck; Jiangsu province, China
2021-0176    Rail accident; Hualien, Taiwan
2021-0177    Crush in a stadium; Dar es Salam, Tanzania (Uni Rep)

Week 13-2021: March 22 - March 28
Natural disasters:

2021-0178    Tornadoes; Alabama, USA
2021-0193    Floods and severe storm; Tennessee, USA
2021-0201    Earthquake; Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
2021-0202    Severe weather; Santa Catarina and Pará states, Brazil
2021-0203    Pacaya volcanic eruption; Guatemala
2021-0204    Pinalosa forest fires; Mexico
2021-0205    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0207    Floods; Zamora Chinchipe and Morona Santiago Provinces, Ecuador
2021-9206    Drought and food insecuruty; Angola

Technological disasters:

2021-0179    Fire in a refugee camp; Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Week 12-2021: March 15 - March 21
Natural disasters:

2021-0162    Floods; Kinshasa area, Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0164    Flash floods; Luanda area, Angola
2021-0165    Floods and landslides; Java, Indonesia
2021-0166    Tornadoes; Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, United States
2021-0167    Earthquake; Bejaia province, Algeria
2021-0168    Flash floods; Brazzaville area, Congo
2021-0169    Floods; New South Wales, Australia
2021-0170    Floods; Loreto region, Peru
2021-0171    Severe storms; Northern and eastern provinces, Thailand

Technological disasters:

2021-0172    Road accident; near Goma, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 11-2021: March 08 - March 14
Natural disasters:

2021-0126    Mount Sangay eruption; Ecuador
2021-0129    Wilfires; Patagonia, Argentina
2021-0149    Floods and landslides; Espirito Santo State, Brazil
2021-0150    Floods; Hawaii, United States
2021-0151    Floods; Lesser Sunda Islands and southern Borneo, Indonesia
2021-0153    Flash floods; Guayas Province, Ecuador
2021-0154    Severe weather; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2021-0155    Floods; Pando department, Bolivia
2021-0156    Floods and landslides; Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia
2021-0157    Floods; Sulawesi and Sumatra, Indonesia
2021-0158    Dust storm; Mongolia and China
2021-0159    Severe weather; North, West and Central Iran
2021-0160    Floods; Aklan Province, Philippines
2021-0161    Severe weather; central-western States, United States
2021-9152    Drought; Kenya and Somalia

Technological disasters:

2021-0127    Fire in a textil factory; Cairo, Egypt
2021-0130    Bus accident; Sumedang, Indonesia
2021-0131    Shipwreck with migrants; near Kerkennah Isl., Tunisia

Week 10-2021: March 01 - March 07
Natural disasters:

2021-0132    Flash floods; Chlef Province, Algeria
2021-0134    Earthquake; Thessalie region, Greece
2021-0139    Floods; Huila Department, Colombia
2021-0140    Flash floods; Argentina
2021-0141    Mount Pacaya eruption; Guatemala
2021-0142    Floods; Lagoa Vermelha Municipality, Brazil
2021-0143    Floods; East Java Province, Indonesia
2021-0144    Avalanche; Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan
2021-0145    Floods and landslides; Piura Region, Peu
2021-0146    Severe weather; Bangka Belitung Islands and Lampung Provinces, Indonesia
2021-0147    Flash floods; Andalusia and Murcia Regions, Spain

Technological disasters:

2021-0128    Fire in a retention center for migrants; Sanaa, Yemen
2021-0133    Explosions in a military camp; Bata, Equatorial Guinea
2021-0135    Crash of a military helicopter; Turkey
2021-0136    Crash of a commercial plane; Pieri (Jonglei state), South Sudan
2021-0137    Collision between a car and a truck, South California, United States
2021-0138    A bus falls into a ravin; Bolivia

Week 9-2021: February 22 - February 28
Natural disasters:

2021-0097    Wildfires; Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
2021-0099    Floods; West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
2021-0103    Floods; Northern Territory State, Australia
2021-0104    Floods; Semarang City (Central Java Province), Indonesia
2021-0119    Floods; Kigoma and Kagera regions, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2021-0124    Winter sorm; Central sections, China (P Rep)
2021-0125    Tropical cyclone 'Niran'; Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Technological disasters:

2021-0111    Shipwreck; Mariout lake, Egypt
2021-0120    Collapse of a gold mine; near Kongoussi, Burkina Faso

Week 8-2021: February 15 - February 21
Natural disasters:

2021-0085    Snow storms; Attica Region, Greece
2021-0087    Floods; Minas Gerais and Acre states, Brazil
2021-0088    Floods; Java Island, Indonesia
2021-0089    Landslides; Buhweju District, Uganda
2021-0090    Floods; Analamanga Region, Madagascar
2021-0091    Tropical storm 'Dujuan', Philippines
2021-0092    Floods; El Oro and Chimborazo, Ecuador
2021-0093    Floods; Beni Department, Bolivia
2021-0094    Floods; La Convención Province, Peru
2021--0095   Earthquake; Esfahan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, Iran (iSlam rep)
2021-0096    Snow storm and cold waves; United States
2021-0098    Floods; Madre de Dios Department, Peru
2021-0100    Storms; Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie regions, France
2021-0102    Snow and cold waves; Italy

Technological disasters:

2021-0110    Shipwreck, Mediterranean sea 2021-0113    Bus accident; Madhya Pradesh, India

Week 7-2021: February 08 - February 14
Natural disasters:

2021-0071    Floods; Tanger, Morocco
2021-0083    Floods; Maputo and Gaza provinces, Mozambique
2021-0084    Flash floods and landslides; Mindanao Isl., Philippines
2021-0086    Floods; East Java Province, Indonesia
2021-0101    Flash floods; Huanuco Department, Peru
2021-0105    Earthquake, Namie region, Japan
2021-0106    Floods and landslides; Kebumen Regency  (Central Java Province), Indonesia
2021-0107    Snow and cold wave; Brittany and Massif-Central, France
2021-0108    Floods and landslides; Eastern Visayas Region, Philippines
2021-0109    Floods; Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia

Technological disasters:

2021-0112    Shipwreck, Congo river, Congo (Dem Rep)
 2021-0114    Shipwreck with migrants; Near Lampedusa, Italy
 2021-0115    Explosion in a fire cracker factory; Virudhunagar, India

Week 6-2021: February 01 - February 07
Natural disasters:

2021-0058    Wildfires; Perth, Australia
2021-0059    Snowstorms; Est coast, United States
2021-0062    Floods; Java Islands, Indonesia
2021-0063    Floods; Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, France
2021-0064    Floods; Izmir region, Turkey
2021-0065    Floods; Evros Regional Unit, Greece
2021-0066    Cyclone 'Lucas'; Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia
2021-0067    Floods; Paraguay
2021-0068    Floods; Kalimantan, Indonesia
2021-0069    Severe storm; Chile
2021-0070    Tropical cyclone Ana; Fidji
2021-0071    Glacier Outburst; Uttarakhand state, India
2021-0072    Earthquake; Davao del Sur Province, Philippines
2021-0073    Flash floods; Jordan and Saudi Arabia
2021-0074    Floods; South Africa

Technological disasters:

2021-0060    Road accident; Near Kasese, Uganda

Week 5-2021: January 25 - January 31
Natural disasters:

2021-0035    Floods; Bolivia
2021-0037    Tornadoes; Alabama, United States
2021-0038    Landslide; Calabria Region, Italy
2021-0039    Floods; Idlib and Aleppo refugee camps, Syrian (Arab Rep)
2021-0040    Floods; Santa Caterina State, Brazil
2021-0041    Floods; Balearic Islands and Catalonia Region, Spain
2021-0042    Wildfires; Chile
2021-0043    Severe storms; California, United States
2021-0044    Floods; East Java , Aceh provinces and northern Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia

2021-0045    Storms; Lombardy Region, Italy

2021-0053    Wildfires; Patagonia, Argentina

2021-0061    Floods; North, Middle and South Fly districts, Papua New Guinea

Technological disasters:

2021-0050    Shipwreck; near Tumaco, Colombia
2021-0051    Bus accident; Mayabeque, Cuba
2021-0052    Collision between a bus and a truck; Dschang, Cameroon
2021-0054    Bus accident; San Catarina, Brazil

Week 4-2021: January 18 - January 24
Natural disasters:

2021-0036    Cyclone 'Eloise'; Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and South Africa
2021-0046    Storms; United Kingdom
2021-0047    Floods; Sumatra Island, Java Island and Papua Province, Indonesia
2021-0048    Floods; Puno and Madre de Dios regions, Peru
2021-0049    Snow storms; Honshu and Hokkaido Regions, Japan

Technological disasters:

2021-0055    Fire in a retirement house; Kharkiv, Ukraine
2021-0056    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2021-0057    Truck accident; Surat, Gujarat state India

Week 3-2021: January 11 - January 17
Natural disasters:

2021-0003    Earthquake; Mamuju, Majene Regencies (West Sulawesi Province), Indonesia
2021-0004    Mount Merapi eruption; Central Java, Indonesia
2021-0005    Floods and landslides; Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku Islands, Indonesia
2021-0006    Floods and landslides; Bicol, Western and Eastern Visayas Region, Philippines
2021-0008    Floods; Sarawak State, Malaysia
2021-0009    Floods; Northern Mindanao Region, Philippines
2021-0010    Flash floods: Mtwara Region, Tanzania
2021-0011    Severe weather; Oregon and Washington States, USA
2021-0013    Flash floods; Khomas and Karas Regions, Namibia
2021-0014    Floods; Casablanca, Morocco
2021-0015    Floods; Sabah State, Malaysia
2021-0016    Snow storm; Spain
2021-0017    Snow storm; Taiwan
2021-0018    Snow storm; Hokuriku, Tohoku, and Hokkaido, Japan
2021-0019    Earthquake; Mongolia
2021-0020    Floods; Lezhe, Durres Counties, Albania

Technological disasters:

2021-0012    Fire in a refugee camp; Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Week 2-2021: January 04 - January 10
Natural disasters:

2021-0007    Landslides; Western Highlands province, Papua New Guinea
2021-0021    Floods; Southern Thailand
2021-0022    Flash Floods; Negros Occidental and Northern Samar Provinces (Visayas), Philippines
2021-0023    Floods; North Kalimantan and western Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
2021-0024    Lightening; Bongouanou City, Cote d'Ivoire
2021-0025    Earthquake; Croatia
2021-0026    Floods; Sri Lanka
2021-0027    Flash floods; Sucre City (Chuquisaca Department), Bolivia
2021-0028    Floods; Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, and Sabah States, Malaysia

Technological disasters:

2021-0031    Shipwreck; Congo (Dem Rep)
2021-0032    Pane crash; Java Sea, Indonesia
2021-0033    Fire in an hospital; Bhandara district (Maharashtra state), India

Week 1-2021: December 28 2020 - January 03 2021
Natural disasters:

2020-0569    Landslide; Ask, Norway
2020-0571 Landslide; Saki village, Papua New Guinea
2020-0572 Earthquake; Croatia

Technological disasters:

2020-0570 Road accident; Aïn M'guel, Algeria
2020-0573 Shipwreck; Barents sea, Russian Federation
2021-0034    Collapse of a roof; Ghaziabad, India

Week 52-2020: December 21 - December 27
Natural disasters:

2020-0558    Tropical depression Krovanh; Philippines and Vietnam
2020-0559    Floods; Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang, Malaysia
2020-0562    Flash floods; Veracruz State, Mexico
2020-0563    Floods; Tahir and Jijel, Algeria
2020-0567    Floods; North Gorontalo Regency, Indonesia
2020-0568    Landslide on a mining site; Cebu province, Philippines
2020-0574    Avalanche; Darabad mountains, Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0575    Storm 'Bella'; France and United Kingdom

Technological disasters:

2020-0576    Road accident; Ndikinimeki, Cameroon
2020-0577    Shipwreck; Albert lake, Uganda
2020-0578    Shipwreck with migrants; near Sfax, Tunisia

Week 51-2020: December 14 - December 20
Natural disasters:

2020-0554    Cyclone Yasa; Fidji
2020-0555    Snow storm and cold wave, North and West Japan
2020-0556    Floods; New South Wales, Australia
2020-0557    Snow storm and cold wave, North-Eastern United States
2020-0559    Floods and landslides; Santa Caterina State, Brazil
2020-0561    Floods; southern provincesThailand
2020-0565    Floods; Bukavu, Congo (Dem Rep)

Technological disasters:

2020-0553    Fire in house for elderly; Bachkortostan (Oural), Russia
2020-0566    Fire in an hospital; Gaziantep, Turkey

Week 50-2020: December 07 - December 13
Natural disasters:

2020-0546    Earthquake; Brebes Regency, Indonesia
2020-0547    Landslide; San Luis Municipality (Antioquia Department), Colombia
2020-0551    Floods; Northern Sumatra and Lesser Sunda Isl. Indonesia
2020-0552    Floods; Menderes District (Izmir Province), Turkey

Technological disasters:

2020-0548    Shipwreck with migrants; near Güiria, Venezuela

Week 49-2020: November 30 - December 06
Natural disasters:

2020-0531    Floods and landslides; Kongo Central province
2020-0532    Floods; Sumatra, Indonesia
2020-0533    Severe weather, Italy

Technological disasters:

2020-0534    Gas leak in a coal mine; Diaoshuidong, China
2020-0537    A bus falls from a bridge; Joao Monlevade (Minas Gerais state), Brazil

Week 48-2020: November 23 - November 29
Natural disasters:

2020-0488    Landslides and floods; Antioquia department, Colombia
2020-0520    Floods; central and southern Thailand
2020-0521    Floods; Sardinia Isl., Italy
2020-0522    Floods and landslides; Mbarara and Kasese, Uganda
2020-0523    Floods and landslides; Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia
2020-0524    Cyclone Nivar; Tamil Nadu, India
2020-0536    Floods; Diffa region, Niger

Technological disasters:

2020-0510    Truck accident; Ocote Tuma, Nicaragua
2020-0511    Collision between a truck and a bus; near Taguai, Brazil

Week 47-2020: November 16 - November 22
Natural disasters:

2020-0487    Tropical cylone Gati; Bari province, Somalia
2020-0489    Severe weather; KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces, South Africa
2020-0490    Severe weather; Colombia
2020-0491    Floods and landslides; Sumatra and Java Isl., Indonesia
2020-0492    Severe weather; Primorsky region, Russia
2020-0493    Landslide in an illegal mine, San Lorenzo Canton, Ecuador
2020-0494    Floods and landslides; South and North Kivu, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0495    Hurricane Iota; Central America
2020-0512    Floods; Cucuta, Colombia
2020-0526    Floods; Dominican Republic
2020-0528    Yellow fever outbreak; Nigeria

Week 46-2020: November 09 - November 15
Natural disasters:

2020-0496    Floods; Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces; China
2020-0498    Floods; Tachira state, Venezuela
2020-0499    Landslide; Chiquimula department, Guatemala
2020-0500    Floods; Somalia
2020-0501    Tyhoon 'Vamco'; Philippines and Vietnam
2020-0503    Flash floods; Crete Island, Greece
2020-0504    Floods and landslides; Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam
2020-0505    Floods and landslides; Malaysia
2020-0506    Floods and landslides; Mexico
2020-0507    Severe weather; Manicaland province, Zimbabwe

Technological disasters:

2020-0502    Shipwreck with migrants; Coast of Khums, Lybia
2020-0513    Fire in a hospital; Piatra Neamt, Romania
2020-0514    Shipwreck; Bauchi state, Nigeria

Week 45-2020: November 02 - November 08
Natural disasters:

2020-0465    Flash floods and landslides; Central-Western Indonesia
2020-0474    Hurricane Eta; Honduras and Nicaragua
2020-0477    Floods; Santander, Magdalena Departments, Colombia
2020-0508    Floods and landslides; Thailand
2020-0509    Floods; Likouala region, Congo

Technological disasters:

2020-0525    Explosion in a chemical plant; near Ahmedabad, India

Week 44-2020: October 26 - November 01
Natural disasters:

2020-0463    Typhoon Goni, Philippines
2020-0464    Mudslides; Nejapa municipality, El Salvador
2020-0466    Earthquake; Turkey and Greece
2020-0469    Typhoon 'Molave'; Philippines and Vietnam
2020-0470    Silverado & Blue Ridge Fires; California, United States
2020-0475    Flash floods; Kasese province; Uganda

Technological disasters:

2020-0467    Shipwreck with migrants; Mauritania
2020-0468    Collision between a truck and a bus; Thiès region, Senegal

Week 43-2020: October 19 - October 25
Natural disasters:

2020-0462    Tropical storm 'Noul'; Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand
2020-0478    Dengue outbreak; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
2020-0482    Dengue outbreak, Saint-Lucia

Technological disasters:

2020-0468    Shipwreck with migrants; Senegal
2020-0472    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2020-0473    Collapse of a church; Akyem Batabi, Ghana

Week 42-2020: October 12 - October 18
Natural disasters:

2020-0425    Tropical storm Nangka; Hainan Isl., China
2020-0426    Floods; Mandouri, Koumongou regions, Togo
2020-0446    Floods; South India
2020-0452    Tropical depression 'Ofel'; Philippines
2020-0453    Flash floods; South Sulawesi province, Indonesia
2020-0454    Floods; Slovakia
2020-0456    Severe weather; Indonesia
2020-0457    Landslide; Gilgit-Baltistan Regio, Pakistan
2020-0458    Floods; Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania (United Rep of)

Technological disasters:

2020-0448    Road accident; Matshia, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 41-2020: October 05 - October 11
Natural disasters:

2020-0411    Severe weather; Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos
2020-0412    Hurricane Delta; Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, United States
2020-0413    Floods and landslides; Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi Islands, Indonesia
2020-0414    Floods; Malaysia
2020-0416    Tropical storm Gamma; Tabasco, Chiapas States, Mexico
2020-0417    Bush fires; Canterbury Region, New Zealand
2020-0427    Wildfires; Bolivia
2020-0447    Wildfires; Israel, Syria and Lebanon
2020-9424    Drought; Southern Madagascar

Technological disasters:

2020-0449    Collision between a train and a bus; Chachoengsao, Thailand
2020-0450    Shipwreck with migrants; Tunisia
2020-0451    Adulterated alcohol; Turkey

Week 40-2020: September 28 - October 04
Natural disasters:

2020-0415    Floods; Cebu Province (Central Visayas region), Philippines
2020-0418    Storm Alex; France, Italy and Switzerland
2020-0419    Floods; North Kivu Province, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0420    Landslide and floods; Khelvachauri municipality, Georgia
2020-0421    Floods; Alibori Department, Benin
2020-0422    Wildfires; Presidente Hayes Department, Paraguay
2020-0423    Floods; Rangpur Division, Bangladesh
2020-0428    Wildfires; Lake Ohau, New Zealand
2020-0429    Landslides; Borneo, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2020-0430    Mine accident; Songzao (Chongqing), China

Week 39-2020: September 21 - September 27
Natural disasters:

2020-0407    Landslides; Gandaki and Province 5, Nepal
2020-0408    Floods: Suchitepéquez and Escuintla Departments, Guatemala
2020-0410    Floods; Karnataka and Gujarat States, India

Technological disasters:

2020-0431    Military plane crash; Tchougouïv, Ukraine
2020-0432    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2020-0433    Shipwreck with migrants; Mayotte
2020-0434    Accident of an oil-truck; Lokoja (Kogi state), Nigeria
2020-0435    Collapse of a building; Bhiwandi, India

Week 38-2020: September 14 - September 20
Natural disasters:

2020-0409    Floods; Gilan province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0436    Floods; Nouakchott, Mauritania
2020-0437    Severe storm; Greece
2020-0438    Hurricane 'Sally'; Alabama and Florida, United States

Week 37-2020: September 07 - September 13
Natural disasters:

2020-0440    Floods; Tunisia
2020-0441    Wildfires; West United States

Technological disasters:

2020-0439    Collapse of a gold mine, South Kivu, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0442    Fire in a refugees camp; Lesbos, Greece
2020-0443    Collapse in a marble mine; Mohmand (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), Pakistan

Week 36-2020: August 31 - September 06
Natural disasters:

2020-0397    Floods; Senegal
2020-0398    Flash floods and landslides; Indonesia
2020-0399    Floods; Ghana and Burkina Faso
2020-0400    Typhoon 'Haishen', Japan, Korea (Rep) and China
2020-0401    Storm 'Nana', Belize, Guatemala, Mexico
2020-0402    Landslides; Bhobang, Nepal
2020-0403    Typhon 'Maisk'; Japan and Korea (Rep)
2020-0404    Floods; Odisha and Madhya Pradesh states, India
2020-0405    Landlides; Kalikot district, Nepal
2020-9396    Drought; Eswaniti, Lesotho

Week 35-2020: August 24 - August 30
Natural disasters:

2020-0376    Hurricane 'Laura', Dominican Rep, United States and Haiti
2020-0377    Flash floods; Afghanistan
2020-0378    Tropical cyclone 'Bavi'; North and South Korea
2020-0379    Tropical storm 'Hernan'; Mexico
2020-0381    Floods; Acapetahua and Tuxtla Chico Municipalities, Mexico
2020-0387    Floods; Niamye, Niger
2020-0388    Severe weather; Arua District, Uganda
2020-0389    Flash floods; Bundibugyo District, Uganda Region)
2020-0390    Floods; Pakistan
2020-0406    Severe weather; northern and central Italy

Technological disasters:

2020-0391    Road accident; Tsafe; Nigeria
2020-0392    Mini-bus accident; Caucasus, Georgia

Week 34-2020: August 17 - August 23
Natural disasters:

2020-0370    Earthquake; Bicol region, Philippines
2020-0374    Floods and storms; Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar , Bangladesh
2020-0375    Floods and landslides; Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu Provinces (China)
2020-0380    Floods; Hiraan province, Somalia
2020-0382    Floods; N'Djamena, Chad
2020-0383    Wildfires; California, United States
2020-0384    Flash floods; Thailand
2020-0385    Floods; Western region, Uganda
2020-0386    Floods; Achhaam District, Nepal

Technological disasters:

2020-0394    Stampede in a disco; Lima, Peru
2020-0395    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya

Week 33-2020: August 10 - August 16
Natural disasters:

2020-0357    Floods; Pakistan
2020-0358    Floods; Thailand
2020-0359    Floods; Sichuan province, China
2020-0361    Landlsides; Jugal Rural, Nepal
2020-0362    Floods; South Sudan
2020-0363    Floods; Hwanghae province, Korea (Dem Rep of)
2020-0364    Floods; South Sulawesi, Indonesia
2020-0365    Landslides; Lomabrdy region, Italy

Week 32-2020: August 03 - August 09
Natural disasters:

2020-0308    Tropical cyclone 'Hagupit'; South Korea, Chia and Taiwan
2020-0309    Landslides; Melamchi Municipality, Nepal
2020-0314    Floods; Yemen
2020-0330    Floods; Calovebora, Panama
2020-0331    Floods; Eubée Isl., Greece
2020-0332    Landslide; Idukki district, India
2020-0333    Floods and landslides; South Korea
2020-0336    Floods; Niger
2020-0338    Wildfires fires; Pantanal; Brazil

Technological disasters:

2020-0313    Explosion in a port warehouse; Beirut, Lebanon
2020-0334    Fire in a building; Bohumin, Czech Rep
2020-0335    Plane crash; Kerala, India
2020-0336    Shipwreck with migrants; Mauritania
2020-0337    Bus accident; Imsouane, Morocco

Week 31-2020: July 27 - August 02
Natural disasters:

2020-0303    Floods; Bihar, India
2020-0304    Floods; Assam, India
2020-0305    Floods and storms; Sudan
2020-0307    Tropical cylone 'Sinlaku', Thailand and Laos
2020-0310    Flash floods; North Sulawesi province, Indonesia
2020-0311    Flash floods; Nangarhar province, Afghanistan
2020-0312    Tropical cyclone 'Isaias'; Caribbean and USA
2020-0322    Floods; China
2020-0351    Floods; Ethiopia

Week 30-2020: July 20 - July 26
Natural disasters:

2020-0316    Hurricane 'Hanna'; United States and Mexico
2020-0319    Floods; Yemen
2020-0320    Floods: Somalia
2020-0328    Flash floods; Ha Giang and Bac Giang provinces, Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2020-0343    Bus accident; Vietnam
2020-0344    Helicopter crash, Colombia

Week 29-2020: July 13 - July 19
Natural disasters:

2020-0306    Hailstorm and flash floods; Gyumri, Armenia
2020-0323    Floods; Bangladesh
2020-0347    Floods; Celebes, Indonesia
2020-0348    Wildfires; Siberia, Russia
2020-0349    Wildfires; Lougansk region, Ukraine

Week 28-2020: July 06 - July 12
Natural disasters:

2020-0294    Floods and thunderstorms; Karachi area, Pakistan
2020-0295    Flash floods; Nakasongola District, Uganda
2020-0317    Floods; Colombia
2020-0318    Wildfire Wire; Luhansk region, Ukraine
2020-0324    Flash Floods; Mongolia

Week 27-2020: June 29 - July 05
Natural disasters:

2020-0269    Landslides; Hpakant Township (western Kachin), Myanmar
2020-0270    Severe weather; Santa Catarina ,Rio Grande do Sul States, Brazil
2020-0271    Floods; Jamalpur District and Rangpur Division, Bangladesh
2020-0272    Floods; Sabah and Sarawak states, Malaysia
2020-0273    Floods; Poland
2020-0275    Floods; Chile
2020-0276    Floods; Mianning county (Sichuan province), China
2020-0277    Floods; India
2020-0278    Foods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan Provinces, Pakistan
2020-0296    Floods and mudslides; Kyushu Region, Japan
2020-0297    Landslides; Nepal
2020-0298    Floods; Sulawesi and Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2020-0290    Transport accident between a train and bus; Farooqabad, Pakistan
2020-0291    Shipwreck after two boats collision; Dacca, Bangladesh
2020-0292    Collision between two boats; Mindoro, Philippines

Week 26-2020: June 22 - June 28
Natural disasters:

2020-0274    Floods; Digos City and Davao del Sur Province, Philippines
2020-0279    Earthquake; Van province, Turkey
2020-0280    Severe weather; Uruguay
2020-0281    Earthquake; Oaxaca state, Mexico
2020-0282    Floods; Guizhou Province, China
2020-0283    Floods; Ukraine
2020-0284    Floods; Töv and Govisümber Provinces, Mongolia
2020-0285    Floods; Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia
2020-0286    Floods; Romania
2020-0287    Flash floods; Bursa province, Turkey
2020-0289    Floods; Johor state, Malaysia
2020-0293    Floods; Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Week 25-2020: June 15 - June 21
Natural disasters:

2020-0257    Floods; Akwa Ibom and Kwara, Nigeria
2020-0258    Tornado; Odisha state, India
2020-0259    Floods; Abidjan area, Cote d'Ivoire
2020-0260    Landslides and floods; Danba County (Sichuan province), China
2020-0261    Wildfires; South Arizona, United States

Week 24-2020: June 08 - June 14
Natural disasters:

2020-0227    Severe weather; Borno state, Nigeria
2020-0228    Floods; Greater Accra region, Ghana
2020-0229    Floods; Aden; Yemen
2020-0230    Floods; South Sulawesi, Indonesia
2020-0232    Flash floods; Czech Rep
2020-0247    Volcanic eruption, Sangay; Ecuador
2020-0249    Floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
2020-0250    Flash floods; South Sulawesi Province
2020-0251    Earthquake; Erzurum and Bingöl provinces, Turkey
2020-0252    Floods and landlsides; Gandaki Pradesh Province, Nepal
2020-0253    Flash floods; Anatolia region, Turkey
2020-0254    Flash floods; Corsica, France

Technological disasters:

2020-0233    Shipwreck, Albert lake, Ituri, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0255    Explosion of a tanker; near Wenling, China
2020-0256    Shipwreck with migrants; Tunisia

Week 23-2020: June 01 - June 07
Natural disasters:

2020-0215    Earthquake; Halmahera, Indonesia
2020-0216    Floods; Yemen
2020-0217    Cyclone 'Nisarga'; Maharashtra State, India
2020-0219    Tropical cyclone 'Cristobal'; Mexico and United States
2020-0220    Landslides; Assam state; India
2020-0221    Floods; Governorate of Dhofar, Oman
2020-0224    Floods; Central Java and West Papua Provinces, Indonesia
2020-0225    Earthquake; North Maluku Province, Indonesia
2020-0226    Severe weather; North Italy
2020-0231    Floods; China
2020-0248    Floods; Burkina Faso
2020-9235    Drought and food insecurity, Burkina Faso

Technological disasters:

2020-0234    Shipwreck; Mozambique
2020-0236    Houses fires; Bukavu, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 22-2020: May 25 - May 31
Natural disasters:

2020-0205    Tropical cyclone 'Mangga'; Australia
2020-0207    Severe weather; central Cuba
2020-0209    Floods and storms; Guatemala
2020-0218    Tropical storm 'Amanda'; El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
2020-0222    Landslides; Gamo Area, Ethiopia
2020-0223    Severe weather; Honduras

Technological disasters:

2020-0237    Oil spill; Norilsk, Russia

Week 21-2020: May 18 - May 24
Natural disasters:

2020-0206    Floods and landslides; Assam and Sikkim states, India
2020-0208    Severe storms; Northern, Northeastern, and Central regions, Thailand
2020-0210    Locust infestation; Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, India
2020-0211    Cyclone 'Anpham'; India and Bangladesh
2020-0212    Floods; Michigan State, United States
2020-0213    Floods and landslides; Kasese district, Uganda
2020-0214    Floods; Bogor Regency, Indonesia

Week 20-2020: May 11 - May 17
Natural disasters:

2020-0197    Floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
2020-0198    Floods; Uttar Pradesh, India
2020-0199    Severe storm; Thailand
2020-0202    Floods; Landes and Gironde, France
2020-0203    Tropical Cyclone 'Vongfong'; Philippines
2020-0204    Floods; Penang and Perak States, Malaysia

Week 19-2020: May 04 - May 10
Natural disasters:

2020-0182    Flash floods and landslides; Uganda
2020-0183    Severe weather; Zacapa, San Marcos Departments, Guatemala
2020-0184    Floods; Betong district (Sarawak state), Malaysia
2020-0185    Floods and landslides; West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
2020-0186    Earthquake; Teheran province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0187    Wildfires; Florida, United States
2020-0188    Floods and landslides; Northern area, Rwanda
2020-0200    Tornado; Nuevo Leon State, Mexico
2020-0201    Floods; Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2020-0170    Gas leak at a chemical plant; Visakhapatnam district, India
2020-0178    Collapse of a mine; Grand Cape Mount, Liberia
2020-0189    Rail accident; Aurangabad (Maharashtra), India

Week 18-2020: April 27 - May 03
Natural disasters:

2020-0151    Floods; Bandung regency (West Java), Indonesia
2020-0152    Floods; Ituri province, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0153    Floods; Baghlan province, Afghanistan
2020-0154    Landslide and mine collapse, Bolivar state, Venezuela
2020-0155    Floods; French Guinea
2020-0156    Floods; Northern area, Rwanda
2020-0157    Floods; Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
2020-0191    Floods; Alberta, Canada

Technological disasters:

2020-0180    Fire in a refugee camp; samos, Greece

Week 17-2020: April 20 - April 26
Natural disasters:

2020-0150    Floods; Djibouti
2020-0159    Floods; Ethiopia and Somalia
2020-0160    Floods; Sarawak state, Malaysia
2020-0161    Floods and landslides; Java, Kalimantan, and northern Sumatra Islands , Indonesia
2020-0162    Floods; Luang Prabang Province, Laos
2020-0164    Floods and mudslides; Kenya and Uganda
2020-0165    Floods; Vietnam
2020-0166    Floods and mudslides; Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2020-0167    Tornadoes, United States
2020-0168    Flash floods; Aden Governorate, Yemen
2020-0169    Floods; Kongoussi, Burkina Faso
2020-0171    Floods and landslides; Gatsibo and Gicumbi districts, Rwanda
2020-0172    Floods; Bujumbura city, Burundi
2020-0173    Floods; Angola
2020-0174    Floods; Noumea, New Caledonia

Technological disasters:

2020-0179    Fire in a depot, Icheon, Korea (Rep)

Week 16-2020: April 13 - April 19
Natural disasters:

2020-0142    Floods; Afghanistan and Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0143    Floods; Yemen
2020-0144    Floods; Lamongan District (East Java Regency), Indonesia
2020-0145    Severe storms; Thailand

Technological disasters:

2020-0149    Shipwreck, Kasai, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 15-2020: April 06 - April 12
Natural disasters:

2020-0132    Cyclone 'Harold'; Solomon Isl., Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji
2020-0133    Floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
2020-0134    Flash floods and landslides; Tana Toraja Regency (South Sulawesi Province), Indonesia
2020-0135    Floods, Tanah Paser Regency (East Kalimantan Province, Borneo Island), Indonesia
2020-0138    Floods; Papua New Guinea
2020-0146    Landslides; Chimbu province, Papua New Guinea
2020-0147    Floods; Sumatra and Java, Indonesia
2020-0148    Tornadoes, Southern states, United States
2020-9136    Drought; Chile

Week 14-2020: March 30 - April 05
Natural disasters:

2020-0118    Floods, Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0119    Forest fires, Liangshan Prefecture (Sichuan province), China
2020-0121    Floods; West Java Province, Indonesia
2020-0122    Floods; Huanuco Department, Peru
2020-0124    Floods; Afghanistan
2020-0125    Floods; Brazzaville, Congo
2020-0129    Floods; Valencia, Spain
2020-0139    Severe weather; Thailand
2020-0140    Landslides; Santander department, Colombia

Technological disasters:

2020-0120    Rail accident; Chenzhou City, (Hunan Province), China
2020-0137    Coal mine explosion; Cucunuba, Colombia

Week 13-2020: March 23 - March 29
Natural disasters:

2020-0107    Floods; Sistan and Baluchistan province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0108    Floods; Aden city, Yemen
2020-0111    Floods; Chimbu province, Papua New Guinea

Week 12-2020: March 16 - March 22
Natural disasters:

2020-0104    Floods; Cuanza Sul, Malanje, Lunda Sul, and Cunene Provinces, Angola
2020-0106    Earthquake; Zagreb, Croatia
2020-0109    Floods; Gitega, Ruyigi, Bujumbura Mairie, Rumonge, Burundi
2020-0110    Floods; Luapula province, Zambia
2020-0112    Floods; Ohio and Indiana, United States
2020-0113    Landslides; Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
2020-0114    Floods; Namosi, Nausori, Navua provinces, Fiji
2020-0115    Floods; West Java, Indonesia
2020-0116    Floods; Iraq

Week 11-2020: March 09 - March 15
Natural disasters:

2020-0099    Floods; Butebo District, Uganda

2020-0102    Floods; Egypt

2020-0103    Cyclone 'Herold'; Sava region, Madagascar

2020-0105    Floods; West Guadalcanal Island, Soloman Isl.

2020-0117    Floods; Arequipa Province, Peru

2020-0128    Floods; Haut-Lomami Province, Congo (Dem Rep of)

Technological disasters:

2020-0101    Pipeline explosion; Lagos, Nigeria

2020-0100    Collapse of an hotel; Quanzhou (Fujian), China

Week 10-2020: March 02 - March 08
Natural disasters:

2020-0083    Floods; Sao Paulo state, Brazil
2020-0085    Flood; Namibia
2020-0086    Flash Floods; Indonesia
2020-0087    Storms; United States
2020-0088    Storms; Vietnam
2020-0095    Floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2020-0097    Road accident; near Dams, Syria

Week 9-2020: February 23 - March 01
Natural disasters:

2020-0068    Floods; Greater Jakarta and neighbouring provinces, Indonesia
2020-0069    Floods; United Kingdom
2020-0074    Floods and mudslides; Colombia
2020-0075    Floods;  La Masica (Atlantida Department), Honduras
2020-0076    Floods; Lorestan and Khuzestan provinces, Iran  
2020-0076    Floods;  Rio de Janeiro State, Brazi

Technological disasters:

2020-0079    Shipwreck; Amapa state, Brazil
2020-0081    Collision between a train and a bus; Sukkur district (Sindh province), Pakistan
2020-0084    Collision between two boats; Japan

Week 8-2020: February 17 - February 23
Natural disasters:

2020-0061    Mudslides and flash floods; Cusco department, Peru
2020-0072    Floods; Machala city; Ecuador
2020-0073    Earthquake; Turkey and Iran

Technological disasters:

2020-0074    Shipwreck with migrants; Morocco

Week 7-2020: February 10 - February 16
Natural disasters:

2020-0052    Floods; South Sumatra and Jakarta provinces, Indonesia
2020-0053    Severe weather; New South Wales, Australia
2020-0056    Floods; Sao Paulo state, Brazil
2020-0058    Floods and mudslides; Bolivia
2020-0059    Floods and landslides; West Sumatra and West Java, Indonesia
2020-0061    Floods; Peru
2020-0062    Floods; Sofala and Manica, Mozambique
2020-0063    Avalanche; Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
2020-0064    Storm Dennis, North-Western Europe

Technological disasters:

2020-0054    Shipwreck with migrants; Bangladesh
2020-0065    A bus falls into a ravin; Chiltiupan
2020-0066    Road accident; Kinshasa, Congo (DEm P Rep)
2020-0067    Fire in an oprhan house; Haiti

Week 6-2020: February 03 - February 09
Natural disasters:

2020-0041    Floods and mudslides; Kigali and southern provinces, Rwanda
2020-0043    Floods; New Zealand
2020-0044    Avlanche; Van province, Turkey
2020-0046    Floods; Karonga district, Malawi
2020-0047    Flash floods; Mul-Baiyer District, Papua New Guinea
2020-0049    Floods; La paz department, Bolivia
2020-0050    Flash floods; Johannesburg and Gauteng Province, South Africa
2020-0051    Storm 'Ciara'; Europe

Technological disasters:

2020-0042    Stampede in a school; Kakemega, Kenya
2020-0048    Plane accident by landing; Istanbul, Turkey

Week 5-2020: January 27 - February 02
Natural disasters:

2020-0036    Floods; North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
2020-0037    Flash floods; central and south-eastern regions; Tanzania
2020-0045    Extreme weather conditions; Palestine
2020-0055    Floods; Burundi

Technological disasters:

2020-0038    Road accident; Nashik district, India
2020-0040    Stampede during a religious ceremony; Moshi, Tanzanie (Uni Rep)

Week 4-2020: January 20 - January 26
Natural disasters:

2020-0016    Floods; Madagascar
2020-0018    Floods; Kaur Regency, Indonesia
2020-0019    Severe weather; New South Wales and Victoria, Australia
2020-0020    Storm 'Gloria'; Spain
2020-0023    Novel coronavirus outbreak; China (P Rep)
2020-0032    Floods; Arequipa, Huanuco Departments, Peru
2020-0033    Floods; West and East Java, Indonesia
2020-0034    Earthquake; Sivrice District (Elazig province), Turkey

Technological disasters:

2020-0024    Shipwreck with migrants; Sumatra Isl., Indonesia
2020-0025    Shipwreck; Bankay, Congo (Dem Rep)
2020-0026    Fire in a food house for migrants workers; Tomsk, Siberia, Russian Fedaration
2020-0027    Collapse of a platform; Gondar, Ethiopia

Week 3-2020: January 13 - January 19
Natural disasters:

2020-0009    Severe weather; Herat and Kandahar provinces, Afghanistan
2020-0010    Severe weather; Balochistan province, Pakistan
2020-0014    Floods; Samarinda City, Indonesia
2020-0017    Floods; Iran (Islam Rep)
2020-0021    Earthquake; Kashgar Prefecture (China P Rep)
2020-0022    Floods; Espirito Santo state, Brazil

Technological disasters:

2020-0028    Collision between two buses; Astil, Algeria
2020-0029    Collision between two buses; Dompoase, Ghana

Week 2-2020: January 06 - January 12
Natural disasters:

2020-0004    Flash floods; Angola
2020-0005    Severe weather; Turkey
2020-0006    Earthquake; Pueto Rico
2020-0007    Volcanic Eruption; Batangas, Philippines

Technological disasters:

2020-0002    Bus accident; Arequipa region, Peru
2020-0012    Shipwreck with migrants; near Cesme, Turkey
2020-0013    Shipwreck with Migrants; near Paxi Isl., Greece

Week 1-2020: December 30 2019 - January 05 2020
Natural disasters:

2019-0632    Flash flood; Indonesia
2019-0636 Landslide; Brazzaville region, Congo

Technological disasters:

2020-0002    Bus accident; Arequipa region, Peru
2020-0003    Plane crash; Darfour, Sudan

Week 50-2019: December 09 - December 15
Natural disasters:

2019-0598    Volcanic Eruption; New Zealand
2019-0600    Floods; Somalia
2019-0601    Cyclone Bena; Madagascar
2019-0605    Floods; Logone-et-Charic, Cameroon
2019-0607    Floods; Pretoria and Gauteng Province, South Africa
2019-0613    Landslide; Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan
2019-0616    Floods and landslides; Morona-Santiago Province, Ecuador
2019-0619    Earthquake; Davao del Sur Province, Philippines
2019-0620    Flash floods; Heavy rain in west Sumatra and central Sulawesi, Indonesia
2019-0621    Storm; France
2019-0623    Landslide; Ituri Province, Congo (Dem Rep of)
2019-0624    Severe storms; United States

Technological disasters:

2019-0602    Plane crash; Punta Arenas; Chile
2019-0617    Collision of two cars; Gubi Gari (Bauchi state), Nigeria
2019-0618    Collision between a minibus and a truck; Qila Saifullah district, Pakistan
2019-0622    Fire in a ventilator factory; Gazipur, Bangladesh

Week 49-2019: December 02 - December 08
Natural disasters:

2019-0573    Tropical cyclone 'Kammuri; Philippines
2019-0574    Floods; Tamil Nadu and Pudducherry, India
2019-0575    Snow storms; Eastern coast states, United States
2019-0576    Floods and landslides; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, France
2019-0585    Landslides; Mugina, Burundi
2019-0599    Floods and landslides; Busaru and Harugale sub-counties, Uganda
2019-0606    Floods; Narino department, Colombia

Technological disasters:

2019-0583    Bus accident; Taltal; Chili
2019-0584    Shipwreck with migrants; Mauritania
2019-0586    Fire in a buidling; Odessa, Ukraine
2019-0589    Fire in a factory; Khartoum, Sudan
2019-0603    Fire in a factory; New Delhi, India
2019-0604    Gas explosion and fire in a building; Presov, Slovakia

Week 48-2019: November 25 - December 01
Natural disasters:

2019-0572    Earthquake; Durres, Albania
2019-0577    Floods and landslides; Sri Lanka
2019-0578    Floods; Kelantan and Terengganu; Malaysia
2019-0579    Floods; Djibouti
2019-0580    Floods and landslides; Salvador de Bahia City, Brazil
2019-0581    Floods; Congo (Dem p Rep)
2019-0582    Severe weather; northern states, United States
2019-0591    Floods; South Kivu, Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0594    Winter storms; United States
2019-0596    Floods; Mexico

Technological disasters:

2019-0587    Bus accident; Aïn Snoussi, Tunisia
2019-0588    Bus accident; near Taza; Morocco
2019-0590    A bus falls into a river; Siberia, Russia
2019-0592    Collision of two helicopters; Liptako, Mali

Week 47-2019: November 18 - November 24
Natural disasters:

2019-0557    Landslides and flash floods; West Pokot, Kenya
2019-0558    Severe weather; France and Italy
2019-0559    Severe weather; Greece
2019-0561    Floods; Congo and Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0562    Floods; Mwanza district, Tanzania (Uni Rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0560    Crash of a plane on two houses; Goma, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0563    Shipwreck; South, Morocco
2019-0564    Coal mine explosion; Shanxi province, China
2019-0565    Fire on a boat; near Jeju Isl., Korea (Rep of)

Week 46-2019: November 11 - November 17
Natural disasters:

2019-0541    Tropical cyclone 'Kalmaegi'; Philippines
2019-0542    Floods and landslides; Espirito Santo State, Brazil
2019-0543    Severe weather; central and northern Italy
2019-0544    Flash Floods; Jendouba Governorate, Tunisia
2019-0545    Bush fires; New South Wales and Queensland, Australia
2019-0546    Insect infestation; Ethiopia
2019-0547    Flash floods and severe weather; Bouzeguene Town (Tizi Ouzou Province), Algeria
2019-0548    Severe weather; South Africa
2019-0549    Tropical cyclone 'Nakri'; Vietnam
2019-0551    Earthquake; Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France
2019-0552    Floods; South Ubangui; Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0568    Floods: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Technological disasters:

2019-0566    Collision between two trucks; Khash (Sistan-Baloutchistan province), Iran (Islam rep)
2019-0567    Bus accdent; near Nitrianske Hrnciarovce, Slovakia
2019-0569    Collision of two trains; Kasba, Bangladesh

Week 45-2019: November 04 - November 10
Natural disasters:

2019-0540    Floods; Uganda
2019-0550    Tropical cyclone 'Bulbul'; Bangladesh and India
2019-0553    Earthquake; East Azerbaijan Province, Iran (Islam rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0571    Collapse of a gold mine; Kintingnan (Siguir); Guinea

Week 44-2019: October 28 - November 03
Natural disasters:

2019-0519    Flood; Saudi Arabia
2019-0522    Earthquake (1); Cotabato province, Philippines
2019-0523    Flood; Indonesia, Malaysia
2019-0527    Landslide; Bafoussam City, Cameroon
2019-0528    Meales outbreak; Tonga
2019-0529    Earthquake (2); Cotabato province, Philippines
2019-0530    Cyclone Maha; Kerala, India
2019-0532    Storm and flood; Quebec, Canada
2019-0533    Storm Amelia; Europe
2019-0534    Typhoon Matmo; Vietnam
2019-0538    Wildfires; California, United States

Technological disasters:

2019-0535    A bus falls into a river; Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal
2019-0536    A truck falls into a rvain; North, Philippines
2019-0537    Truck accident; Tanganyika, Conco (Dem Rep)
2019-0539    Fire and explosion on a train; Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Week 43-2019: October 21 - October 27
Natural disasters:

2019-0482    Floods;Nghe An Province, Viet Nam
2019-0483    Severe storm; East Java Province, Indonesia
2019-0484    Severe storm; United states
2019-0497    Floods; Catalognia, Spain
2019-0499    Floods and landslides; India and Sri Lanka
2019-0500    Flash floods and landslides; Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia
2019-0501    Floods; Egypt
2019-0503    Floods; Kasese district, Uganda
2019-0504    Floods; Diffa region, Niger
2019-0505    Floods; South of France
2019-0515    Floods; Handeni district, Tanga Region, Tanzanie (Uni Rep)
2019-0516    Floods; Chiba and Fukushima, Japan
2019-0517    Kincade Fire; California, United States
2019-9502    Drought; China

Technological disasters:


Week 42-2019: October 14 - October 20
Natural disasters:

2019-0485    Severe storm; Italy
2019-0486    Flood; Maban County, Sudan
2019-0487    Floods; Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
2019-0488    Floods; Upper East Region, Ghana
2019-0489    Earthquake; Philippines
2019-0492    Tropical cyclone 'Hagibis'; Japan

Technological disasters:

2019-0497    Road accident; Mbanza-Ngungu, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0506    Transport accident; Medine, Saudi Arabia
2019-0507    Collapse of a buidling; Fortaleza, Brazil

Week 41-2019: October 07 - October 13
Natural disasters:

2019-0490    Severe storms; Guatemala
2019-0491    Severe storm; Nicaragua
2019-0494    Landslides; Konta district, Ethiopia
2019-0495    Floods; Guilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, Iran (Islam Rep)
2019-0513    Saddleridge Fire; California, United States
2019-0514    Floods; Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Technological disasters:

2019-0512    Shipwreck with migrants; near Lampedusa, Italy

Week 40-2019: September 30 - October 6
Natural disasters:

2019-0471    Floods; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
2019-0472    Tropical cyclone Mitag; Korea (Republic of)
2019-0481    Flash Floods; Iran (Islam rep)
2019-0493    Wildfire; Lebanon
2019-0496    Flood; Morogoro Region (Tanzania, Uni Rep)
2019-0510    Floods; Kinshasa, Congo (Dem Rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0508    Collapse of a gold mine; Kindu, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0509    Shipwreck with migrants; near Casablanca, Morocco
2019-0511    Collision between a truck and a bus; East, Romania

Week 39-2019: September 23 - September 29
Natural disasters:

2019-0443    Tropical cyclone 'Tapah'; South Korea and Japan
2019-0449    Floods; Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India
2019-0450    Tropical cyclone Narda; Oaxaca, Mexico
2019-0451    Earthquake; Maluku Province, Indonesia
2019-0452    Flash floods; Sri Lanka
2019-0453    Landslide and mine collapse; Tibesti region, Chad
2019-0460    Earthquake; Kahsmir, Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2019-0457    Fire in a factory; Ninghai, China
2019-0458    Collision between a truck and a bus; Jiangsu province
2019-0459    Collision of two boats; near Dakhla, Morocco

Week 38-2019: September 16 - September 22
Natural disasters:

2019-0413    Flood; Spain
2019-0416    Floods: Cambodia
2019-0417    Tropical storm 'Imelda', United States
2019-0418    Tropical cyclone 'Lorena', Mexico
2019-0436    Hurricane 'Humberto'; Bermudas
2019-0444    Earthquake; Durres county, Albania
2019-0445    Floods; Petite Goave, Haiti
2019-0454    Yellow fever outbreak; Nigeria

Technological disasters:

2019-0437    Fire in a school; Monrovia, Liberia

Week 37-2019: September 09 - September 15
Natural disasters:

2019-0413    Flood; Spain
2019-0414    Floods, North, Algeria
2019-0415    Floods; Niger, Nigeria and Chad
2019-0419    Floods; Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand
2019-0420    Floods; Mali
2019-0421    Floods; Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
2019-0422    Heat Wave; Chiba prefecture, Japan

Technological disasters:

2019-0438    Shipwreck; Andhra Pradesh, India
2019-0439    Shipwreck; Maluku, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0440    Fire in an hospital; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Week 36-2019: September 02 - September 08
Natural disasters:

2019-0412    Tropical storm 'Dorian'; Bahamas
2019-0423    Tropical cyclone 'Faxai'; Japan
2019-0424    Tropical cyclone 'Lingling; North and South Korea
2019-0425    Earthquake; Sichuan province, China
2019-0426    Floods; Errachidia province, Morocco

Technological disasters:

2019-0447    Fire on a tourist boat; California, United States
2019-0448    Fire in a fireworks factory; Batala,Penjab, India

Week 35-2019: August 26 - September 01
Natural disasters:

2019-0427    Floods; Taroudant Province, Morocco
2019-0428    Wildfires; Bolivia
2019-0429    Flash floods; Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya
2019-0430    Landslides and floods; Bulambuli District, Uganda
2019-0431    Tornado; Danzhou (Hainan Province), China
2019-0432    Floods; Primorsky Territory, Rusia
2019-0433    Floods; Nigeria

Technological disasters:

2019-0442    Shipwreck; Lybia

Week 34-2019: August 19 - August 25
Natural disasters:

2019-0390    Wildfire; Canary Isl
2019-0392    Flash Floods; Sudan
2019-0394    Floods; IDP camps in Borno and Yobe states, Nigeria
2019-0395    Severe weather; Escuintla y Suchitepéquez departments, Guatemala
2019-0396    Severe weather; Tatra mountains, Poland and Slovakia
2019-0397    Cholera outbreak; Adamawa State, Nigeria
2019-0400    Mudslides; Wenchuan (Sichan province)
2019-9389    Drought, Sri Lanka

Technological disasters:

2019-0398    Fire on a ferry; Java Isl., Indonesia
2019-0399    Collision between a truck and a minibus; Kwara state, Nigeria

Week 33-2019: August 12 - August 18
Natural disasters:

2019-0383    Floods; India
2019-0384    Floods, Amhara region, Ethiopia
2019-0391    Tropical cylone 'Krosa'; Japan
2019-0405    Wildfire; Eubee Isl., Greece

Technological disasters:

2019-0402    Explosion of a truck carrying oil; Rubirizi, Uganda
2019-0403    Fire in a slum; Dacca, Bnagladesh
2019-0404    Shipwreck; Kivu lake, Kabar, Congo (Dem P Rep)

Week 32-2019: August 05 - August 11
Natural disasters:

2019-0385    Floods and landslides; Myanmar
2019-0386    Floods; Sindh Province, Pakistan
2019-0387    Tropical cyclone Lekima; China
2019-0388    Tornado; Luxembourg and France

Technological disasters:

2019-0376    Cars collision; Cairo, Egypt

Week 31-2019: July 29 - August 04
Natural disasters:

2019-0372    Floods; Karachi, Pakistan
2019-0375    Landslide; Jølster Municipality, Norway
2019-0377    Earthquake; Java isl., Indonesia
2019-0378    Forest Fire; Siberia, Russia
2019-0380    Flash floods and landslides; Viet Nam
2019-0381    Flash floods; Hubei province, China
2019-0382    Flash floods; Sierra Leone

Technological disasters:

2019-0373    Military plane crash; Rawalpindi, Pakistan
2019-0379    Explosion on amunitions depot in military airport; Homs province, Syria

Week 30-2019: July 22 - July 28
Natural disasters:

2019-0361    Landslides; near Liupanshui, Guizhou province, China
2019-0362    Earthquake; Batanes Province, Philippines
2019-0363    Severe weather; Abyan and Shabwa provinces, Yemen
2019-0364    Severe weather; Italy
2019-0365    Wildfire; Dubrave area, Croatia
2019-0366    Heat Wave; Europe
2019-0367    Landslide; Shuicheng County, Guizhou Province, China
2019-0368    Flood; Metropolitan Region of Recife, Brazil
2019-0369    Landslide on a jade mine; Hpakant, Kachin state, Myanmar
2019-0370    Landslide; near Asni, Morocco
2019-9667    Drought; Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2019-0371    Shipwreck with migrants; near Khoms, Libya

Week 29-2019: July 15 - July 21
Natural disasters:

2019-0331    Floods; Bihar, India
2019-0334    Floods; China
2019-0346    Floods and landslides; Pakistan
2019-0347    Floods; Kachin and Mon states; Myanmar
2019-0348    Wildfires; Castelo Branco and Santarém districts, Portugal
2019-0349    Tropical cyclone 'Danas'; Philippines
2019-0350    Heatwave; United States
2019-0357    Floods and landslides; Düzce province, Turkey
2019-0358    Eruption of Ubinas volcano; Peru and Bolivia
2019-9359    Drought; Vietnam, Thailand and Laos

Technological disasters:

2019-0351    Explosion in a gaz factory; Yima, China
2019-0353    Bus accident carrying migrants; Van province, Turkey
2019-0354    Minibus accident; Ispahan province, Iran (Islam Rep)

Week 28-2019: July 08 - July 14
Natural disasters:

2019-0299    Earthquake; Khuzestan Province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2019-0300    Floods and heavy rains; Jalisco state
2019-0301    Floods; north-eastern Spain
2019-0302    Severe weather; Croatia
2019-0303    Floods and storms; Jiangxi Province, China
2019-0313    Severe weather; Assam state, India
2019-0314    Floods; Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Guizhou, China
2019-0315    Tornado; Chalkidiki peninsula (Central Macedonia Region), Greece
2019-0316    Severe storm; Italy
2019-0317    Flash floods; Malacca, Malaysia
2019-0332    Floods and landslides; Nepal
2019-0334    Earthquake; North Maluku province, Indonesia
2019-0335    Tropical cyclone 'Barry'; United States
2019-0336    Floods; Uttar Pradesh, India

Technological disasters:

2019-0320    Shipwreck; near Maradi, Niger
2019-0324    Road accident; Siberia, Russia
2019-0325    Trains collision; Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan
2019-0327    Bus accident; near Agra, India

Week 27-2019: July 01 - July 07
Natural disasters:

2019-0288    Floods, India
2019-0289    Floods; Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
2019-0290    Tropical depression Mun; northern Vietnam
2019-0291    Tornado; Liaoning Province, China (P Rep)
2019-0292    Floods; Port-au-Prince, Haiti
2019-0293    Volcanic eruption; Strombli, Italy
2019-0295    Severe weather; south-eastern France
2019-0304    Landslides; Cox'sBazar, Bangladesh
2019-0305    Tornado; Iasi County, Romania
2019-0306    Earthquake; California, United States
2019-9338    Drougth; Lithuania

Technological disasters:

2019-0326    Explosion of a gaz pipeline; Lagos, Nigeria
2019-0328    Shipwreck with migrants; Tunisia
2019-0329    Fishing shipwreck; near Mosquitia, Honduras
2019-0330    Shipwreck; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
2019-0339    Fire on a submarine; Mourmansk region, Russian Federation
2019-0340    Explosion of a truck carrying oil; Ahumbe, Nigeria
2019-0341    Plane crash; Texas, United States
2019-0342    Fire; Bukavu, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0343    Collision between two trains; Pointe-Noire, Congo
2019-0344    Bus accident; Kishtwar region, India

Week 26-2019: June 24 - June 30
Natural disasters:

Disasters of the week 26 - June 24 to June 30, 2019

Natural disasters

2019-0284    Flash floods; Neuchatel, Switzerland
2019-0294    Floods; Siberia, Russia
2019-0296    Heat wave; Europe
2019-0297    Floods; Tamaulipas State, Mexico
2019-0298    Mount Ulawun eruption; Papua New Guinea
2019-0318    Storm; Hungary
2019-0319    Hailstorm, Shirak region, Armenia

Technological disasters:

2019-0277    Train accident; Kulaura, Bangladesh

Week 25-2019: June 17 - June 23
Natural disasters:

2019-0259    Earthquake; Sichuan province, China
2019-0263    Earthquake; Yamagata prefecture, Japan
2019-0272    Severe weather; United States
2019-0273    Floods; Florida and Durazno, Uruguay
2019-0283    Landslides; Tungurahua province, Ecuador

Technological disasters:

2019-0237    Bus accident; Java Isl., Indonesia
2019-0258    Shipwreck; Madura Isl., Indonesia
2019-0261    Bus accident; near Villa del Rosario, Venezuela
2019-0276    Collapse of a building in construction, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
2019-0278    Plane crash; Hawai, United States
2019-0279    Fire in a matches factory; Sumatra Isl., Indonesia
2019-0282    Explosion of a gas pipeline; Oyibo, Nigeria

Week 24-2019: June 10 - June 16
Natural disasters:

2019-0209    Floods; China
2019-0210    Floods; Indonesia
2019-0211    Cholera outbreak; Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0212    Measles outbreak; Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0213    Floods; Yemen
2019-0214    Severe storm; United states
2019-0216    Floods and landslides; Afghanistan and Tajikistan
2019-0217    Heatwave; Bihar (India)
2019-0218    Floods; Mongolia
2019-0239    Hailstorms and lightning; France and Switzerland
2019-0259    Floods; Guangxi and Guangdong provinces, China
2019-0275    Floods; Serbia

Technological disasters:

2019-0234    Bus accident; near Campos de Jordao, Brazil
2019-0235    Collision between two buses; Helouane, Egypt
2019-0262    Shipwreck with migrants; Venezuela

Week 23-2019: June 03 - June 09
Natural disasters:

2019-0215    Floods; Ouest department, Haiti
2019-0222    Severe weather; Romania
2019-0223    Heat wave; India
2019-0224    Floods; Ghat municipality, Libya
2019-0225    Floods; San Gabriel municipality, Mexico
2019-0226    Floods; Malaysia
2019-0227    Landslide and lightning; Uganda
2019-0228    Flash floods; Ghana
2019-0230    Floods and landslides; Antioquia and Cordoba, Colombia
2019-0231    Tornadoes; Bio Bio region, Chile

Technological disasters:

2019-0257    Truck accident; Camarines Sur, Philippines
2019-0260    Collision between a truck and a bus; near Saint-Louis, Senegal

Week 22-2019: May 27 - June 02
Natural disasters:

2019-0220    Floods; Maldives
2019-0229    Landslide; Guangdong province (China)
2019-0232    Earthquake; Albania
2019-0233    Earthquake; San Salvador, El Salvador
2019-0242    Landslide; Yopougon, Cote d'Ivoire
2019-0254    Floods, Kampala, Uganda

Technological disasters:

2019-0236    Shipwreck with tourists; Budapest, Hungary
2019-0237    Shipwreck with migrants; near Garabulli, Libya
2019-0240    Road accident; Veracruz state, Mexico
2019-0241    Collision between a bus and a truck; between Kassela and Zantiguila, Mali

Week 21-2019: May 20 - May 26
Natural disasters:

2019-0243    Earthquake; Peu and Ecuador
2019-0245    Floods; Paraguay
2019-0246    Tornado; Oklahoma, United States
2019-0249    Wildfires; Israel
2019-0250    Tornado; Missouri, United States
2019-0252    Floods; Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia
2019-0255    Floods; Afghanistan
2019-0256    Floods; Guangxi, China

Technological disasters:

2019-0244    Shipwreck; Mai-Ndombe province, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0247    Gaz leak on a cargo; Shandong province, China
2019-0248    Fire in a school; Surate, India

Week 20-2019: May 13 - May 19
Natural disasters:

2019-0194    Floods; Central and north-western regions; Bosnia Herzegovina
2019-0195    Floods; Emilia-Romagna region, Italy
2019-0196    Flash floods; United states
2019-0200    Floods; Bamako, Mali
2019-0202    Landslide; Ordu province, Turkey
2019-0203    Floods; Kyela, Mbeya region, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2019-0206    Floods; Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina

Technological disasters:

2019-0204    Collapse of a building; Shanghai, China (P Rep)
2019-0207    Shipwreck on Albert Lake; Uganda

Week 19-2019: May 06 - May 12
Natural disasters:

2019-0188    Measles outbreak; South Sudan
2019-0189    Wildfire; Lol state, South Sudan
2019-0197    Floods; Neembucu department, Paraguay
2019-0198    Snowstorm; Mongolia
2019-9191    Drought; Nambia

Technological disasters:

2019-0190    Private plane crash; Coahuila region, Mexico

Week 18-2019: April 29 - May 05
Natural disasters:

2019-0164    Cyclone Fani; India and Bangladesh
2019-0180    Dust storm; Iraq
2019-0181    Landslides; near La Paz, Bolivia
2019-0182    Floods; Eastern Cape province, South Africa
2019-0183    Severe weather; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Technological disasters:

2019-0163    Explosion of a oil tanker; Niamey, Niger
2019-0166    Plane caught into fire by emergency landing; Moscow; Russia

Week 17-2019: April 22 - April 28
Natural disasters:

2019-0162    Earthquake; Castillejos, Philippines
2019-0165    Cyclone 'Kenneth', Mozambique, Tanzania (United Rep of) and Comoros
2019-0167    Floods; South and East Jakarta, Indonesia
2019-0168    Floods and landslides; Bengkulu province, Indonesia
2019-0170    Landslides; North-Kivu, Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0171    Floods; East Canada
2019-0176    Floods and landslides; South Africa
2019-0179    Floods; Buyende; Uganda

Technological disasters:

2019-0169    Shipwreck; Paapa, Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0172    Road accident with migrants; Morocco
2019-0173    Explosion in a coal mine; Iourivka, Ukraine
2019-0174    Shipwreck with migrants; Venezuela
2019-0177    Debris mine slides; Kachin; Myanmar
2019-0178    Road accident; Jigawa state; Nigeria

Week 16-2019: April 15 - April 21
Natural disasters:

2019-0155    Violent storms; India and Pakistan
2019-0158    Landslide; Sakin village (Enga Province), Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2019-0153    Bus accident; Madere, Portugal
2019-0156    Fire in a pharmaceutical factory; Shandong province, China (P Rep)

Week 15-2019: April 08 - April 14
Natural disasters:

Disasters of the week 15 - April 8 - April 14 2019

Natural disasters

2019-0146    Floods and landslides; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019-0151    Floods and strong winds; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
2019-0158    Floods and landslides; Colombia
2019-0159    Floods: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China (P Rep)
2019-9145    Drought; Kenya

Technological disasters:

2019-0157    Collapse of buildings; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Week 14-2019: April 01 - April 07
Natural disasters:

2019-0134    Wildfires; Sichuan province, China (P Rep)
2019-0137    Floods; displaced camps in Idleb region, Syrian (Arab Rep)
2019-0139    Floods; Junin region, Peru
2019-0140    Floods; San Martin region, Peru
2019-0149    Forest fires; Goseong, Korea (Rep of)
2019-0150    Floods; Asuncion region, Paraguay
2019-0152    Floods; Accra city, Ghana

Technological disasters:

2019-0147    Shipwreck; Sarakala, Mali
2019-0148    Road accident; Katsina state, Nigeria

Week 13-2019: March 25 - March 31
Natural disasters:

2019-0131    Cholera outbreak; Beira, Mozambique
2019-0132    Floods; Utcubamba province, Peru
2019-0133    Severe weather; New Zealand
2019-0135    Severe storm; Bara district, Nepal
2019-0141    Floods; Iraq
2019-0143    Floods; Afghanistan
2019-0144    Thunderstorm; Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019-9137    Drought, Philippines

Technological disasters:

2019-0127    Fire in a building; Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019-0128    Roads accident; near Nahuala, Guatemala
2019-0129    Helicopter crash; Kazakhstan
2019-0130    Collapse of a mine; South Kivu, Congo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0135    Fire in a bus; Lima, Peru
2019-0138    Shipwreck with migrants; Haiti

Week 12-2019: March 18 - March 24
Natural disasters:

2019-0116    Floods; Midwest, United States
2019-0117    Landslides; Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2019-0123    Floods; Angola
2019-0125    Floods; Afghanistan and Iran (Islam Rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0118    Collision between two buses; Bono East region, Ghana
2019-0119    Explosion of a chemical factory; Yancheng, China (P Rep)
2019-0120    Shipwreck; Mossoul, Iraq
2019-0121    Explosion; Valle del Cauca; Colombia
2019-0126    Bus accident; Changde, China (P Rep)

Week 11-2019: March 11 - March 17
Natural disasters:

2019-0100    Floods; Sao Paulo, Brazil
2019-0109    Earthquake; Lombok Isl., Indonesia
2019-0110    Cyclone Idai; Mozambique et Zimbabwe
2019-0111    Floods; Papua province, Indonesia
2019-9109    Drought; Somalia

Technological disasters:

2019-0112    Train accident; Kasaï, Congo (Dem Rep)
2019-0113    Collapse of a building; Lagos, Nigeria
2019-0114    Pollution; Johor state, Malaysia

Week 10-2019: March 04 - March 10
Natural disasters:

2019-0080    Measles outbreak; Philippines
2019-0082    Floods; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran (Islam Rep)
2019-0099    Floods; Tete and Zambeze provinces, Mozambique
2019-0101    Floods; Malawi
2019-0107    Floods and landslides; Java and westren Timor, Indonesia
2019-0108    Forest fires; Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region, Colombia

Technological disasters:

2019-0102    Plane crash; Oromia region, Ethiopia
2019-0103    Road accident with migrants; Chiapas state, Mexico
2019-0104    Plane accident; near Villavicencio, Colombia

Week 9-2019: February 25 - March 03
Natural disasters:

2019-0072    Floods; Peru
2019-0073    Severe weather; Chuquisaca, La Paz, Potosí, Bolivia
2019-0074    Severe storm; Noakhali district, Bangladesh
2019-0081    Tornado, United States
2019-0084    Bush fires; Victoria state, Australia
2019-0085    Earthquake; West Sumatra, Indonesia
2019-0086    Floods; North California, United States
2019-0089    Convective storms; United States
2019-0090    Floods; Northern California, United States
2019-0096    Earthquake; Sichuan province, China
2019-0097    Thunderstorms; Eastern and northeastern India
2019-0098    Flash floods; East New Britan, Papua New Guinea
2019-9088    Drought and food insecurity; Zimbabwe

Technological disasters:

2019-0083    Collapse of a gold mine; North Sulawesi province, Indonesia
2019-0087    Rail accident and fire; Cairo, Egypt

Week 8-2019: February 18 - February 24
Natural disasters:

2019-0057    Severe storm; Greece
2019-0058    Storm; Centre, Italy
2019-0070    Floods; Malanje and Luanda province, Angola
2019-0075    Floods; Choco department, Colombia
2019-0077    Floods; Pakistan
2019-0078    Floods; Ecuador
2019-9076    Food shortages; Korea (Dem P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0059    Mine accident; Xilingol, China
2019-0060    Explosion in a firework factory, Uttar Pradesh, India
2019-0061    Road accident; Fungurume (Katanga), Cogo (Dem P Rep)
2019-0062    Fire; Dacca, Bangladesh

Week 7-2019: February 11 - February 17
Natural disasters:

2019-0079    Measles outbreak; Congo (Dem P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2019-0064    Fire in a slum; Chittagong, Bangladesh
2019-0065    Flooding of gold mines; Kadoma, Zimbabwe
2019-0066    Shipwreck; Niger
2019-0067    Shipwreck; Mweru lake, Zamnia
2019-0068    Fire in a hotel; New Delhi, India
2019-0069    Road accident; near Skopje, Macedonia

Week 6-2019: February 04 - February 10
Natural disasters:

2019-0052    Floods and storms; Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil
2019-0054    Extreme winter conditions; Moldova

Technological disasters:

2019-0051    Fire in a football training center; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019-0053    Collapse of a building; Istanbul, Turkey

Week 5-2019: January 28 - February 03
Natural disasters:

2019-0025    Tornado; La Havane, Cuba
2019-0033    Floods; Tunisia
2019-0034    Winter storm 'Gabriel'; France
2019-0035    Floods; Arequipa region and Huanuco province, Peru
2019-0044    Cold wave, Algeria
2019-0046    Snowstorm and cold wave; Upper Midwest, United States
2019-0047    Floods; Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia

Technological disasters:

2019-0031    Shipwreck with migrants; Colombia
2019-0032    Shipwreck with migrants; Djibouti
2019-0041    Shipwreck with migrants; Bahamas
2019-0042    Shipwreck with migrants; Djibouti
2019-0043    Collapse of a buidling; Alep, Syrian (Arab Rep)

Week 4-2019: January 21 - January 27
Natural disasters:

2019-0013    Landslides and floods; Celebes Isl, Indonesia
2019-0015    Floods; Asturie; Spain
2019-0027    Mudlsides; Albancay, Peru
2019-0028    Floods; Queensland, Australia
2019-0029    Floods; Algeria
2019-0030    Cold wave and snow; Tunisia
2019-0045    Winter storm; Midwest and Northeast, United States
2019-0049    Floods; Burundi

Technological disasters:

2019-0014    Fire on two boats; Kertch detroit, Crimée, Russia
2019-0016    Accident in a gold mine; Ghana
2019-0017    Collision between a truck and a bus, Lasbela district, Pakistan
2019-0018    Collapse of a mine; Mwiulire region, Rwanda
2019-0026    Dram break; Brumadinho, Brazil

Week 3-2019: January 14 - January 20
Natural disasters:

2019-0005    Severe weather; Sidon and Tyre districts, Lebanon
2019-0006    Severe weather; California, United States
2019-0007    Severe weather; United states
2019-0020    Floods; Antananarivo, Madagascar
2019-0021    Tropical depression 'Amang; Caraga, Philippines
2019-0022    Floods and landslides; Central Java
2019-0024    Earthquake; Coquimbo, Chile
2019-9023    Drought; Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2019-0002    Military plane crash; near Teheran, Iran (Islam Rep)
2019-0019    Explosion of a gas pipeline; Tlahuelilpan, Mexico
2019-0025    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia

Week 2-2019: January 07 - January 13
Natural disasters:

2019-0002    Snowstorms; Austria, Germany and Switzerland
2019-0008    Floods; Argentina and Brazil

Technological disasters:

2019-0003    Collapse in a coal mine; Shaanxi region, China (P Rep)
2019-0004    Fire in an hospital; Guayaquil, Ecuador

Week 1-2019: December 31 2018 - January 06 2019
Natural disasters:

2019-0009    Cyclone Pabuk; Thailand
2019-0010    Cyclone Mona; Fiji

Technological disasters:

2019-0011    Shipwreck; near Taizhou, China (P Rep)
2019-0012    Shipwreck; Hukitola, India

Week 49-2018: December 03 - December 09
Natural disasters:

2018-0447    Floods; Cyprus
2015-0448 Floods; Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2018-0444    Collision between two buses; near Achicachi, Bolivia
2018-0445    Bus accident, Kashmir state, India
2018-0446    Collision between a bus and a truck; Ourébaka, Guinea

Week 48-2018: November 26 - December 02
Natural disasters:

2018-0440    Earthquake; Alaska, United States

Technological disasters:

2018-0432    Explosion in a chemical factory; Zhangjiakou, China (P Rep)

Week 47-2018: November 19 - November 25
Natural disasters:

2018-0426    Earthquake; Kermanshah province, Iran (Islam Rep)
2018-0427    Floods; Salaheddine and Ninive provinces, Irak
2018-0442    Floods; Paraguay
2018-0443    Snow and sand storm; Mongolia

Technological disasters:

2018-0428    Shipwreck; near Mutima, Uganda

Week 46-2018: November 12 - November 18
Natural disasters:

2018-0431    Cyclone Gaja; India
2018-0439    Floods; Argentina

Technological disasters:

2018-0413    Shipwreck with migrants; near Izmir, Turkey

Week 45-2018: November 05 - November 11
Natural disasters:

2018-0409    Wildfire; North California, United States
2018-0414    Floods; Jordan
2018-0415    Landslide; Niteroi, Brazil

Technological disasters:

2018-0410    Collision between two buses;Rusape, Zimbabwe
2018-0411    Collision between two buses; near Aleg, Mauritania
2018-0412    Fire in a school dormitory; Rakai, Uganda
2018-0416    Train accident; Samba, Congo (Dem P Rep)

Week 44-2018: October 29 - November 04
Natural disasters:

2018-0397    Storm 'Adrian' and flooding; Europe
2018-0399    Typhoon Yutu; Philippines and Northn Maraina IsL.

Technological disasters:

2018-0398    Helicopter crash; Farah province, Afghanistan
2018-0401    Plane crash; Indonesia

Week 43-2018: October 22 - October 28
Natural disasters:

2018-0403    Floods; Jordan
2018-0404    Earthquake; Zante Isl., Greece
2018-0406    Hurricane Willa; Mexico
2018-0407    Floods and storms; Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Technological disasters:

2018-0402    Collision between a bus and a truck; Amhara state, Ethiopia
2018-0405    Ship accident; Benue state, Nigeria

Week 42-2018: October 15 - October 21
Natural disasters:

2018-0375    Floods; South of France
2018-0382    Floods; Norway
2018-0390    Floods; Qatar
2018-0394    Cyclone Luban; Yemen
2018-0395    Floods; Trinidad and Tobago

Technological disasters:

2018-0389    Train accident; Yilan county, Taiwan
2018-0391    Train accident; Amritsar, Pendjab, India
2018-0392    Road accident, Limpopo, South Africa
2018-0393    Shipwreck on Kasai river, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 41-2018: October 08 - October 14
Natural disasters:

2018-0361    Floods; Majorque, Spain
2018-0373    Hurricane Michael; United States
2018-0374    Floods and landslides; Central America
2018-0376    Storm Leslie; Spain
2018-0377    Storm 'Callum'; United Kingdom

Technological disasters:

2018-0362    Bus accident; Between Nairobi and Kakamega, Kenya
2018-0376    Road accident mith migrants; Turkey

Week 40-2018: October 01 - October 07
Natural disasters:

2018-0360    Earthquake; Haïti

Technological disasters:

2018-0355    Military truck accident; Freetown, Sierra Leone
2018-0356    Shipwreck with migrants; near Nador, Morocco
2018-0358    Collision and explosion of a gaz truck; Mbuba, Congo (Dem Rep)
2018-0359    Road accident; Schoharie, New York state, United States

Week 39-2018: September 24 - September 30
Natural disasters:

Disasters of the week 39 - September 24 - September 30, 2018

Natural disasters

2018-0352    Earthquake and tsunami; Celebes Isl, Indonesia
2018-0353    Typhoon Trami; Japan
2018-0354    Cyclone Zorba; Greece
2018-0365    Floods; Nigeria
2018-0372    Flash floods and landslides; North, India

Technological disasters:

2018-0379    Bus accident; Farah Province, Afghanistan

Week 38-2018: September 17 - September 23
Natural disasters:

2018-0364    Flash Floods; Cap Bon Peninsula, Tunisia
2018-0366    Tornadoes; Canada
2018-0367    Flash floods; Peru
2018-0368    Floods; Northern regions, Ghana

Technological disasters:

2018-0340    Collision between a truck and a bus; Between Kashan and Natanz, Iran (Islam Rep)
2018-0357    Shipwreck; Tanzania, (Uni Rep)

Week 37-2018: September 10 - September 16
Natural disasters:

2018-0341    Typhoon Mangkhut; Phlippines, China and Hong Kong
2018-0343    Hurricane Florence; United States

Technological disasters:

2018-0336    Explosion of gas tanker, Nasarawa, Nigeria
2018-0337    A truck falls into a river; Mali
2018-0338    Bus accident; Telangana, India
2018-0344    Shipwreck; Sulawesi province, Indonesia

Week 36-2018: September 03 - September 09
Natural disasters:

2018-0326    Typhoon Jeby; Japan
2018-0328    Landslide; Isara district, Ethiopia
2018-0329    Floods; Hwanghae province, Korea (Dem P Rep)
2018-0330    Earthquake; Hokkaido, Japan
2018-0331    Floods; United States

Technological disasters:

2018-0327    Collision between two trains; Munhino, Angola
2018-0332    Plane crsah; Yirol, Sudan
2018-0333    Bus accident; Java Isl., Indonesia
2018-0334    Road accident; Mbeya, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2018-0335    Road accident; Kandahar province, Afghanistan

Week 35-2018: August 27 - September 02
Natural disasters:

2018-0314    Floods; Bago region, Myanmar
2018-0351    Floods; Joela, South Korea

Technological disasters:

2018-0325    Helicopter crash, Dehdadi district, Afghanistan

Week 34-2018: August 20 - August 26
Natural disasters:

2018-0306    Earthquake; Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago
2018-0308    Flash Floods; Calabria, Italy
2018-0309    Typhoon Soulik; Korea (Dem P Rep)
2018-0310    Earthquake; near Javanroud, Iran (Islam Rep)
2018-0313    Tropical storm; Taiwan
2018-0350    Flash floods; Kunar province, Afghanistan

Technological disasters:

2018-0307    Truck accident; Kibulungu, (Kasaï), Congo (Dem Rep)
2018-0311    Bus accident; near Svogué, Bulgaria
2018-0312    Fire in a hotel; Harbin, China (P Rep)

Week 33-2018: August 13 - August 19
Natural disasters:

2018-0302    Earthquake; Lombok Isl., Indonesia
2018-0305    Typhoon 'Bebinca'; Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2018-0296    Collapse of a bridge of an highway, Genova, Italy
2018-0297    Bus accident; near Quito, Ecuador
2018-0300    Shipwreck with scholars; Bouhayra, Sudan
2018-0303    Fire of houses; Bucavu, Congo (Dem P Rep)
2018-0304    Coal mine explosion; Sinjidi, Pakistan

Week 32-2018: August 06 - August 12
Natural disasters:

2018-0295    Floods; Kerala state, India
2018-0299    Wildfire,British Columbia, Canada
2018-0301    Flood; Turkey

Technological disasters:

2018-0260    Road accident; Foggia, Italy
2018-0291    Collapse of a plateform; Vigo, Spain
2018-0293    Road accident; Cuenca-Molleturo road, Ecuador
2018-0294    A bus falls into a ravin; Ancash region, Peru

Week 31-2018: July 30 - August 05
Natural disasters:

2018-0255    Floods; Myanmar
2018-0256    Heat wave and drought; Korea (Dem P Rep)
2018-0257    Earthquake; Lombok Isl., Indonesia
2018-0258    Wildfires; California, United States
2018-0259    Wildfires; Algarve, Portugal
2018-0265    Wildfires; Latvia

Technological disasters:

2018-0261    Plane Crash; Grisons, Switzerland
2018-0262    Collision between a truck and a bus; near Kohat, Pakistan
2018-0263    Helicopter crash; Siberia, Russia
2018-0264    Boat accident; Gandi distric, Nigeria

Week 29-2018: July 16 - July 22
Natural disasters:

2018-0224    Wildfires; Sweden
2018-0225    Tropical cylones and floods; Philippines
2018-0226    Heat wave; Japan
2018-0227    Typhoon 'Son Tinh'; Vietnam
2018-0232    Floods; Niger
2018-0238    Floods; Jibia district, Nigeria

Technological disasters:

2018-0228    Road accident; near Ecatepec, Mexico
2018-0229    Shipwreck; Table Rock lake (Missouri), United States
2018-0230    Collision between a bus and a truck; Jitomir region, Ukraine
2018-0233    A bus falls into a ravin; Uttarkhand, India
2018-0237    Shipwreck, Congo River; Congo (Dem P Rep)

Week 28-2018: July 09 - July 15
Natural disasters:

2018-0189    Mudslides; Panjshir, Afghanistan
2018-0218    Floods; Dominican Republic
2018-0240    Landslide in a jade mine; Lone Khin, Myanmar
2018-0242    Mudslides; Panjshir valley, Afghanistan
2018-0252    Floods; Gansu province; China

Technological disasters:

2018-0192    Collision between a truck and a bus; Sanandaj, Iran (Islam Rep)
2018-0241    Explosion in a chemical factory; Yibin (Sichuan province)

Week 27-2018: July 02 - July 08
Natural disasters:

2018-0190    Floods and landslides; Okayama and Hiroshima Japan
2018-0195    Heat wave; Quebec, Canada
2018-0198    Floods; China
2018-0205    Floods; India
2018-0219    Floods; Nepal

Technological disasters:

2018-0193    Shipwreck; Isa district, Nigeria

Week 26-2018: June 25 - July 01
Natural disasters:

2018-0191    Storm; Guinea-Buissau
2018-0196    Wilfires; United States
2018-0204    Floods and landslides; Lai Chau, Vietnam
2018-0221    Floods; Sudan

Technological disasters:

2018-0187    Fire in an open market; Nairobi, Kenya
2018-0188    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia

Week 18-2018: April 30 - May 06
Natural disasters:

2018-0140    Thunderstorms; Bangladesh
2018-0146    Eruption of Kilauea volcano; Hawai, United States
2018-0149    Storms; India
2018-0153    Flash floods; Ankara, Turkey

Technological disasters:

2018-0152    Coal mine explosion; Marwaarh, Pakistan
2018-0155    Collapse of a buidlng; Sao Paulo, Brazil

Week 17-2018: April 23 - April 29
Natural disasters:

2018-0128    Floods; Israel
2018-0135    Floods; Rwanda
2018-0139    Thunderstorms; China

Technological disasters:

2018-0141    Explosion and fire of a illegal oil well; Aceh, Indonesia
2018-0142    Road accident; Uttar Pradesh, India

Week 16-2018: April 16 - April 22
Natural disasters:

2018-0125    Floods: Tanzania (United Rep)
2018-0134    Floods; Ethiopia

Technological disasters:

2018-0126    Boats accident; Guilin, China (P Rep)
2018-0127    A bus falls from a bridge; Nord Hwanghae, Korea (Dem Rep)

Week 15-2018: April 09 - April 15
Natural disasters:

2018-0125    Floods; Tanzania (Uni REp)
2018-0129    Tornadoes, United States
2018-0130    Floods; Hawai, United States
2018-0131    Floods and thunderstorms; Colombia
2018-0132    Floods; Kenya
2018-0133    Floods; Somalia
2018-0136    Winter storm; China
2018-0137    Thunderstorms; Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, India

Technological disasters:

2018-0106    Military plane crash; Boufarik, Algeria
2018-0107    A bus falls into a river; Narok, Kenya
2018-0108    Truck accident; Khandala, India
2018-0109    Bus accident; Nurpur, India

Week 14-2018: April 02 - April 08
Natural disasters:

2018-0101    Cyclone Josie; Fidji

Technological disasters:

2018-0105    Road accident; Makomero, Tanzania
2018-0110    Bus accident; Saskatchewan province, Canada

Week 13-2018: March 26 - April 01
Natural disasters:

2018-0113    Floods; Altai Krai region, Russia
2018-0121    Floods and landslides; Indonesia
2018-0122    Thunderstorms; Guizhou Province, China

Technological disasters:

2018-0098    Bus accident with migrants; Igdir, Turkey
2018-0099    Bus accident; Tak province, Thailand
2018-0100    Collapse of a roof; Sindh province, Pakistan
2018-0102    Collision between two buses; Kuwait

Week 12-2018: March 19 - March 25
Natural disasters:

2018-0097    Floods; Belarus
2018-0103    Floods; Mashonaland Central province, Botswana
2018-0104    Floods; Rubavu district, Rwanda
2018-9102    Drought; Uruguay

Technological disasters:

2018-0091    Road accident, Maputo, Mozambique
2018-0092    Fire in a shopping mall; Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia
2018-0093    Road accident; Mkuranga district, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2018-0094    Bus accident; Manabi province, Ecuador
2018-0095    Fire in Carina Plaza building; Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam
2018-0096    Bus accident; Issan province, Thailand

Week 11-2018: March 12 - March 18
Natural disasters:

2018-0086    Tropical storm Eliakim; Madagascar
2018-0087    Floods; Kosinj region, Croatia
2018-0090    Landslides; Bujumbura-Rural, Burundi

Technological disasters:

2018-0083    Plane crash by landing; near Kathmandu, Nepal
2018-0088    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece
2018-0089    Plane crash; Plaridel, Philippines

Week 10-2018: March 05 - March 11
Natural disasters:

2018-0082    Floods; Shkoder region, Albania

Technological disasters:

2018-0078    Truck accident; Bhavnagar district (Gujarat), India
2018-0080    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2018-0081    Bus accident; Guinea-Bissau
2018-0083    Plane crash by landing; near Kathmandu, Nepal
2018-0084    Private plane crash; Chahar Mahall - Bakhtiari province, Iran (Islam Rep)

Week 9-2018: February 26 - March 04
Natural disasters:

2018-0055    Earthquake; Papua New Guinea
2018-0076    Cholera outbreak; Kyangwali refugee camp, Hoima district, Uganda
2018-9075    Drought; Argentina

Technological disasters:

2018-0071    Collision between two trains; Al-Bahaira, Egypt
2018-0072    Shipwreck of two boats; Mai-Ndombe province, Congo (Dem Rep)
2018-0079    Fire in a rehabilitation centre; Bakou, Azerbaijian

Week 8-2018: February 19 - February 25
Natural disasters:

2018-0035    Mount Sinabung eruption: Sumatra Isl., Indonesia
2018-0039    Landslides; Maputo, Mozambique
2018-0056    Landslides; Brebes district, Indonesia
2018-0061    Cold wave; Europe
2018-0073    Extreme winter conditions; Mongolia

Technological disasters:

2018-0054    Bus accident; Near Ocona, Peru

Week 7-2018: February 12 - February 18
Natural disasters:

2018-0040    Floods; Rio di Janeiro, Brazil
2018-0042    Cyclone Gita; Tonga and Samoa
2018-0044    Tropical storm Sanba; Mindanao, Philippines

Technological disasters:

2018-0034    Plane crach; Samirom region, Iran (Islam Rep of)
2018-0035    Helicopter crash, Oaxaca state, Mexico
2018-0036    Explosion in a hotel; Beawar, India
2018-0041    Bus accident with migrants; near Bani Wali, Lybia
2018-0043    Bus accident; near Kano, Nigeria

Week 6-2018: February 05 - February 11
Natural disasters:

2018-0059    Earthquake; Hualien, Taiwan
2018-0062    Floods; Bolivia

Technological disasters:

2018-0057    Plane crash; Ramenski district, Russia
2018-0058    Bus accident; Hong Kong

Week 5-2018: January 29 - February 04
Natural disasters:

2018-0038    Floods; Salta province, Argentina
2018-0053    Snowstorms and cold wave; China
2018-0063    Floods; Malaysia
2018-0064    Floods; Malawi

Technological disasters:

2018-0060    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2018-0070    Fire in a residency for elderly; Sapporo, Japan

Week 4-2018: January 22 - January 28
Natural disasters:

2018-0031    Earthquake; Java, Indonesia
2018-0037    Floods; France

Technological disasters:

2018-0026    Fire in an hospital; Miryang, Korea (Rep)
2018-0027    Road accident; Sfid, Algeria
2018-0028    Missing boat; Russia

Week 3-2018: January 15 - January 21
Natural disasters:

2018-0025    Storm Friederike; Belgium, Netherlands and Germany
2018-0029    Tropical storm Berguitta; Mauritius
2018-0030    Cold wave; Morocco

Technological disasters:

2018-0013    Helicopter crash; Colombia
2018-0015    Bus accident; Aktobe region, Kazakhstan
2018-0019    Collapse of a bridge in construction; Near Guayabetal, Colombia
2018-0023    Fire in a plastic factory; New Delhi, India
2018-0024    Bus accident; near Eskisehir, Turkey

Week 2-2018: January 08 - January 14
Natural disasters:

2018-0010    Mudslide; California, United States
2018-0011    Earthquake; Arequipa region, Peru
2018-0014    Volcano Mayon; Bicol region, Philippines
2018-0016    Mount Agung eruption, Indonesia
2018-0017    Volcanic eruption; Kadovar islands, Papua New Guinea

Technological disasters:

2018-0009    Road accident; Near Grao Mogol (Minas Gerais state), Brazil
2018-0020    Shipwreck with migrants; Curacao
2018-0021    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2018-0022    Collision between two trains; near Johannesburg, South Africa

Week 1-2018: January 01 - January 07
Natural disasters:

2018-0002    Storm 'Eleonor'; Europe
2018-0004    Tropical storm 'Agaton'; Philippines
2018-0005    Floods; Congo (Dem P Rep)
2018-0008    Cyclone Ava; Madagascar

Technological disasters:

2018-0001    Road accident; Peru
2018-0003    Rail accident; Near Kroonstad, South Africa
2018-0006    Road accident; Bissauzinho; Guinea-Bissau
2018-0007    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2018-0012    Fire on an Iranian Tanker; China

Week 51-2017: December 18 - December 24
Natural disasters:

2017-0522    Earthquake; Iran (Islam Rep)
2017-0524    Storm 'Tembin'; Mindanao, Philippines
2017-0525    Tropical storm 'Kai-Tak, Philippines
2017-0528    Mass movement on Mount Merapi volcano; Java Isl., Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2017-0520    Fire in a building, Jecheon, Korea (Rep of)
2017-0521    Shipwreck; Philippines
2017-0523    Bus accident; Quintana Roo, Mexico
2017-0526    Train accident; Olympia (Washington state), United States
2017-0527    Rush during a funeral; Chittagong, Bangladesh
2017-0536    Fire in a shopping mall; Davao, Philippines
2017-0538    Collision between two boats; Tanganyika lake; Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2017-0539    Collision between two buses; Egypt
2017-0540    Collision between two buses; Egypt
2017-0541    A bus falls from a bridge; India

Week 50-2017: December 11 - December 17
Natural disasters:

2017-0529    Flood and landslide; Villa Santa Lucia (Los Lagos), Chili
2017-0530    Earthquake; Java and Jakarta, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2017-0518    Road accident, Mexico
2017-0531    Road accident; Bulambika, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 49-2017: December 04 - December 10
Natural disasters:

2017-0511    Wildfres; California, United States
2017-0519    Storm; Portugal

Technological disasters:

2017-0510    Collision between two boats, near Thatta, Pakistan

Week 48-2017: November 27 - December 03
Natural disasters:

2017-0502    Landslides and floods; Indonesia
2017-0504    Flash floods; Albania
2017-0508    Cyclone 'Ockhi'; India and Sri Lanka
2017-0515    Cyclone 'Cempaka'; Java Isl, Indonesia
2017-0516    Foods; Thailand

Technological disasters:

2017-0505    Road accident; Tsholotsho district, Zimbabwe
2017-0506    Collision between a truck and a bus with migrants; Hatay province, Turkey
2017-0507    Collision between two boats; Incheon, Korea (Rep of)
2017-0509    Fire in a building; Tianjin, China

Week 47-2017: November 20 - November 26
Natural disasters:

2017-0490    Flood; United Kingdom
2017-0492    Flood; Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2017-0488    Missing sub-marine; Argentina
2017-0489    Shipwreck; Vichada, Colombia
2017-0500    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia

Week 46-2017: November 13 - November 19
Natural disasters:

2017-0443    Earthquake; Pohang, Korea (The republic of)
2017-0444    Flash floods; Athen region, Greece
2017-0452    Floods: Haiti
2017-9445    Drought; Portugal

Technological disasters:

2017-0442    Road accident; Fuyang, Anhui province, China
2017-0445    A truck falls into a river; near Isiro, Congo (Dem Rep)
2017-0453    Collision between a truck and a bus; Vizimyary, Russia
2017-0454    Plane crash, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2017-0455    A bus falls into a ravin; Sabanalarga (Antioquia department), Colombia
2017-0456    Stampede during a food distribution; Sidi Boulaalam (Essaouira region), Morocco
2017-0457    Fire in housing; Daxing district, China

Week 45-2017: November 06 - November 12
Natural disasters:

2017-0446    Earthquakes; Iran (Islam rep) and Iraq

Technological disasters:

2017-0441    Shipwreck; Tanganyika lake, Congo (Dem Rep)
2017-0458    Train accident; Buyofwe, Congo (Dem Rep)
2017-0459    Shipwreck on Krsihna river; Andhra Pradesh, India
2017-0461    Collision between two vehicles; between Kébémer et Sagatta, Senegal

Week 44-2017: October 30 - November 05
Natural disasters:

2017-0422    Typhoon Damrey, Vietnam
2017-0447    Marburg disease outbreak; Uganda
2017-0449    Floods; Honduras
2017-0450    Floods; Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Technological disasters:

2017-0425    Explosion in a thermal power station; Uttar Pradesh, India
2017-0426    Road accident; Mzimba, Malawi

Week 43-2017: October 23 - October 29
Natural disasters:

2017-0418    Storm 'Herwart'; Central Europe
2017-0421    Cholera outbreak; Chad
2017-0430    Floods; Bourgas region, Bulgaria
2017-0431    Volcanic activity; Tinakula Isl., Solomon Isl.

Technological disasters:

2017-0419    A bus falls into a river; Dhading district, Nepal
2017-0420    Bus accident; near Dosso, Niger
2017-0429    Fire in a firework factory; Jakarta, Indonesia

Week 42-2017: October 16 - October 22
Natural disasters:

2017-0431    Typhoon Lan; Japan
2017-0436    Storm 'Ophelia'; Ireland

Technological disasters:

2017-0432    Slide on a construction site; Penang, Malaysia
2017-0438    Shipwrecks with migrants; Bangladesh

Week 41-2017: October 09 - October 15
Natural disasters:

2017-0417    Wildfires; Portugal and Spain
2017-0428    Floods; Vietnam
2017-0434    Wildfires; California, United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0435    Shipwreck with migrants; Kerkennah, Tunisia
2017-0437    Shipwreck with migrants; near Ile Tortue, Haiti
2017-0439    Fire in a carpentry; Ryad, Saudi Arabia
2017-0440    A bus falls into Victoria lake; Mwanza province, Tanzania (United Rep)

Week 40-2017: October 02 - October 08
Natural disasters:

2017-0410    Tropical depression 16/Hurricane Nate; Central America and United State
2017-0411    Plague outbreak; Madagascar
2017-0413    Storm 'Xavier'; Germany

Technological disasters:

2017-0400    Boat accident; Nigeria
2017-0409    Collision of a bus with a train Pokrov, Russia
2017-0412    Shipwreck with migrants; Bengal Gulf, Bangladesh
2017-0413    Collision between two boats; near Oki Isl., Japan

Week 39-2017: September 25 - October 1
Natural disasters:

2017-0393    Volcanic activity; Mount Agung, Indonesia
2017-0394    Volcanic activity; Mount Maranao, Vanuatu
2017-0395    Floods; Uganda
2017-0398    Floods; China

Technological disasters:

2017-0396    Shipwreck with migrants; Bangladesh
2017-0397    Stampede in a train station; Bombay, India
2017-0399    Plane accident; N'sélé (Great Kinshasa), Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 38-2017: September 18 - September 24
Natural disasters:

2017-0379    Disease (AWD) outbreak; Sudan
2017-0383    Carribean; Hurricane Maria
2017-0387    Earthquake; Mexico
2017-0391    Floods; Bihambwe et Matanda, Congo (Dem Rep)
2017-0395    Floods; Uganda

Technological disasters:

2017-0386    Road accident; Uganda
2017-0388    Shipwreck of migrants; near Sabratha, Lybia
2017-0389    Road accident, Bordj Badji Mokhtar region, Algeria
2017-0390    Shipwreck with migrants, near Kocaeli, Turkey

Week 37-2017: September 11 - September 17
Natural disasters:

2017-0385    Dengue outbreak; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
2017-0405    Hurricane Max; Mexico
2017-0406    Typhoon Doksuri; Vietnam
2017-0407    Storm; Romania
2017-0408    Thunderstorms and floods; Italy

Technological disasters:

2017-0401    Shipwreck; Nigeria
2017-0403    Fire in a school; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017-0404    Shipwreck; Uttar Pradesh, India

Week 36-2017: September 4 - September 10, 2017
Natural disasters:

2017-0375   Wildfires; West, United States
2017-0380    Violent storm; Boghé, Mauritania
2017-0381    Caribbean; Hurricane Irma
2017-0382    Earthquake; Mexico

Technological disasters:


Week 35-2017: August 28 - September 03
Natural disasters:

2017-0363    Landslide; Bijie, Guizhou province, China
2017-0364    Floods; Bombay, India
2017-0365    Floods; Taëz and Lahj provinces, Yemen
2017-0366    Flash flood; Menoua division, Cameroon
2017-0370    Floods; Niger

Technological disasters:

2017-0366    A bus falls from bridge, Egypt
2017-0369    Collapse of a building; Bombay, India

Week 34-2017: August 21 - August 27
Natural disasters:

2017-0347    Landslide; Conakry, Guinea
2017-0349    Earthquake; Ischia Isl., Italy
2017-0352    Typhoon Hato; China, Hong-Kong and Macao
2017-0362    Hurricane Harvey; United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0351    Bus accident, Taman Peninsula, Russia
2017-0353    Shipwreck; Para state, Brazil
2017-0354    Shipwreck; Bahia state, Brazil
2017-0355    Collision between two boats; Irak
2017-0356    Boat collision; Singapore

Week 33-2017: August 14 - August 20
Natural disasters:

2017-0340    Landslide; Ituri, Congo (Dem Rep of)
2017-0342    Floods; Bangladesh, India and Nepal
2017-0343    Floods and mudslides; Sierra Leone
2017-0357    Wild fires; Croatia
2017-0360    Severe storm, Austria
2017-9341    Drought and food insecurity; Chad

Technological disasters:

2017-0358    Shipwreck; Lagos, Nigeria
2017-0359    Rail accident, Uttar Pradesh, India
2017-0361    Collision between two vehicles, Muyuka; Cameroon

Week 32-2017: August 07 - August 13
Natural disasters:

2017-0331    Earthquake; Aba prefecture, China
2017-0332    Landslide; Puge (Sichuan province), China
2017-0334    Hurricane Franklin; Mexico
2017-0343    Wildfires; Greece

Technological disasters:

2017-0333    Collision between two trains; Khourchid, Egypt
2017-0334    Bus accident; Shaanxi province; China
2017-0344    Lack of oxygen in an hospital; Gorakhpur, India

Week 31-2017: July 31 - August 06
Natural disasters:

2017-0294    Floods; Gujarat, India
2017-0316    Floods; Sakon Nakhon region, Thailand
2017-0327    Tyhoon Noru; Japan
2017-0328    Severe storms; North Italy
2017-0329    Wildfires; Jandouha region, Tunisia
2017-0330    Heat waves, South Europe

Technological disasters:

2017-0317    Bus accident; Madagascar

Week 30-2017: July 24 - July 30
Natural disasters:

2017-0291    Wildfires; Yeste, Spain
2017-0292    Wildfires; Cote d'Azur, France
2017-0293    Widlfires; Castelo Branco, Portugal
2017-9296    Drought; Italy

Technological disasters:

2017-0295    Collapse of a buidling; Bombay, India

Week 29-2017: July 17 - July 23
Natural disasters:

2017-0271    Wildfires; British Columbia, Canada
2017-0280    Earthquake, Greece and Turkey
2017-0281    Tropical storm Talas, Vietnam, China,Thailand and Laos
2017-0283    Floods; Illinois, United States
2017-0286    Storm; China
2017-0287    Floods; China
2017-0288    Floods; Afghanistan

Technological disasters:

2017-0274    Bus accident; Himachal Pradesh, India

Week 28-2017: July 10 - July 16
Natural disasters:

Disasters of the week 28 - July 10 - July 16, 2017
2017-0265    Storm; Bihar, India
2017-0266    Landslide; Arunachal Pradesh, India
2017-0267    Floods; Assam, India
2017-0269    Flash floods; Pakistan
2017-0272    Floods; Nigeria
2017-0282    Flash floods; Arizona, United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0275    Bus accident, Kashmir, India
2017-0277    Bus accident; East Java, Indonesia

Week 27-2017: July 03 - July 09
Natural disasters:

2017-0246    Floods and landslides; Kyusgu Isl., Japan
2017-0247    Earthquake, Leyte Isl. Philippines
2017-0252    Wildires; California, United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0241    A bus caught into fire; near Münchberg, Germany
2017-0249    Road accident; Bambari et Ippy, Central African Rep

Week 26-2017: June 26 - July 02
Natural disasters:

2017-0237    Wildfires; United States
2017-0238    Severe storm; Gradacac, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2017-0241    Heat wave; Sofia, Bulgaria
2017-0242    Flash floods; Balochistan, Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2017-0229    Cable car accident; nera Islamabad, Pakistan
2017-0239    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2017-0240    Collisison between a truck and a bus; Tartastan region, Russia
2017-0248    Gold mine collapse; Prestea-Nsuta, Ghana

Week 25-2017: June 19 - June 25
Natural disasters:

2017-0176    Wildfire; Portugal
2017-0184    Floods; Cote d'Ivoire
2017-0190    Landslide; near San Perdo Soloma, Guatemala
2017-0201    Landslide: Xinmo, China
2017-0228    Wildfires; Helva province, Spain
2017-0230    Hailstorm and heavy rains; Hungary

Technological disasters:

2017-0191    Shipwreck with migrants; Kenya
2017-0192    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2017-0199    Explosion of a truck carrying oil; Admedpur, Pakistan
2017-0200    Explosion in a factory; Cucunuba, Colombia

Week 24-2017: June 12 - June 18
Natural disasters:

2017-0174    Landslide; Chittagong, Bangladesh
2017-0182    Earthquake; Lesbos, Greece
2017-0183    Floods; Assam, INdia
2017-0185    Floods; Chile
2017-0186    Floods; Niger
2017-0187    Floods; China
2017-0188    Floods; Buru district, Indonesia
2017-0189    Storm; Malaysia
2017-0193    Wildfire; Portugal
2017-0195    Floods; Uruguay and Argentina

Technological disasters:

2017-0173    Fire in a building, London
2017-0175    Road accident; near Piai, Barzil
2017-0194    Road accident; near Salinas, Brazil

Week 23-2017: June 05 - June 11
Natural disasters:

2017-0166    Thunderstorms; Western Cape, South Africa
2017-0169    Floods; China and Taiwan
2017-0171    Storms; China
2017-0172    Thunderstorms; China
2017-0178    Thunderstoms; South Africa
2017-0179    Heat wave; India
2017-0180    Floods; India
2017-0181    Thunderstorms; Pakistan
2017-0196    Floods; Honduras and Guatemala

Technological disasters:

2017-0157    Road accident; Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
2017-0158    Road accident; near Khebifra, Morocco
2017-0159    Explosion in a fireworks industry; Balaghat, India
2017-0161    Road accident; Nyamakate, Zimbabwe
2017-0162    Plane crash; Adamna sea; Myanmar
2017-0167    Road accident; between Irkoutsk and Tchita, Russian Federation (the)

Week 22-2017: May 29 - June 04
Natural disasters:

2017-0151    Severe storm; Moscow, Russian Federation
2017-0152    Cyclone Mora; Bangladesh and Mynmar
2017-0156    Storm; Nigeria
2017-0168    Storm 'Beatriz'; Mexico
2017-0170    Thunderstorms; China
2017-0177    Floods; Indonesia
2017-0198    Floods; China

Technological disasters:

2017-0150    Migrants falls from overloaded ship; near Zouara, Lybia
2017-0165    Road accident; near Pazardjik, Bulgaria
2017-0212    Helicopter crash; Sirncak province, Turkey

Week 21-2017: May 22 - May 28
Natural disasters:

2017-0153    Flood and landslides; Sri Lanka
2017-0155    Floods; Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
2017-0202    Floods; Brazil
2010-9211 Drought; South Africa

Technological disasters:

2017-0150    Migrants falls from overloaded ship; near Zouara, Lybia
2017-0154    A truck falls into a ravin; Salang (Parwan province), Afghanistan

Week 20-2017: May 15 - May 21
Natural disasters:

2017-0209    Floods; North and South Haiti
2017-9207    Drought; Angola
2017-9208    Drought: Niger

Technological disasters:

2017-0210    A bus falls into a ravin; Motozintla (Chiapas state), Mexico

Week 19-2017: May 08 - May 14
Natural disasters:

2017-0123    Earthquake; Xinjiang region, China
2017-0126    Floods; Quebec and Ontario, Canada

Technological disasters:

2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal
2017-0125    Collapse of a wall during a wedding; Rajatshan, India
2017-0127    Firework depot explosion; San Isidro, Mexico
2014-0128 Fire in a bus; Weihai, China

Week 18-2017: May 1st - May 07
Natural disasters:

2017-0123    Floods; Karonga district, Malawi

Technological disasters:

2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal
2017-0129    Mine exploison, Azad Shahr, Iran (Islam Rep)

Week 17-2017: April 24 - April 30
Natural disasters:

2017-0136    Severe storm; United States
2017-0146    Landslide; Ауu village (Osh region), Kyrgyzstan
2017-0147    Flash flood; Central Java province, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal
2017-0116    Road accident; Kibwezi, Kenya
2017-0149    Collapse of a building in construction; Carthajena, Colombia

Week 16-2017: April 17 - April 23
Natural disasters:

2017-0119    Landslides; Manizales (Caldes)

Technological disasters:

2017-0097    Helicopter crash; Turkey
2017-0098    A bus falls into a ravin; Nueva Ecija, Philippines
2017-0101    A bus falls into a ravin; Shimla region, India
2017-0120    Bus accident; Near Pretoaria, South Africa
2017-0121    Road accident; South, India

Week 15-2017: April 10 - April 116
Natural disasters:

2017-0093    Cholera and diarrhea outbreaks; Somalia
2017-0096    Flash floods and landslides; Iran (Islam rep)

Technological disasters:

2017-0092    Fire during a religious gathering, near Tambacounda, Senegal
2017-0099    Collapse of a garbage dump on a slum; Colombo, Sri Lanka

Week 14-2017: April 03 - April 09
Natural disasters:

2017-0094    Violent winds; Central African Rep.
2017-0095    Earthquake; Macchad, Iran (Islam rep)
2017-0104    Floods; Argentina
2017-0105    Tropical storm Debbie; Australia

Technological disasters:

2017-0088    Collision between two boats; near Pathein, Myanmar
2017-0089    Fire of a oleoduc; Hodeida, Yemen

Week 13-2017: March 27 - April 02
Natural disasters:

2017-0087    Storm; Gatisbo district, Rwanda
2017-0090    Mudslides; Mocoa, Colombia
2017-0102    Landslides; Ponogoro district, Indonesia
2017-0113    Earthquake; Yunnan province, China

Technological disasters:

2017-0103    Fire in a karaoke bar; Magway, Myanmar

Week 12-2017: March 20 - March 26
Natural disasters:

2017-0106    Floods; Oshana and Omusati regions, Namibia
2017-0109    Floods; Angola
2017-0112    Thunderstorms; Thailand

Technological disasters:

2017-0114    Shipwreck with migrants; near Kusadasi district, Turkey

Week 11-2017: March 13 - March 19
Natural disasters:

2017-0080    Landslides; Burundi
2017-0083    Storm; Brong-Ahafo region, Ghana
2017-0084    Floods; Peru

Week 10-2017: March 06 - March 12
Natural disasters:

2017-0070    Severe weather; United States
2017-0075    Cyclone 'Enawo'; Madagascar
2017-0086    Storm 'Zeus'; France

Technological disasters:

2017-0076    Coal mine accident; near Shuangyashan, China
2017-0077    Road accident; Gonaïves, Haiti
2017-0078    Fire in a 'child' hose; San José Pinula, Guatemala
2017-0081    Bus accident; Jajarkot, Nepal

Week 9-2017: February 27 - March 05
Natural disasters:

2017-0070    Severe weather; United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0081    Transport accident; near Saint-Louis, Senegal
2017-0085    A bus falls into a ravin; Cienaga Vieja, Panama

Week 8-2017: February 20 - February 26
Natural disasters:

2017-0054    Cold wave; Morocco
2017-0055    Floods; Chile
2017-0057    Storm 'Doris'; United Kingdom and North Ireland
2017-0058    Floods; San Jose, California, United States
2017-0059    Floods; Jakarta, Indonesia
2017-0071    Winter storm; Afghanistan
2017-0077    Floods; Botswana

Technological disasters:

2017-0056    Collision between two buses; near Rosario, Argentina

Week 7-2017: February 13 - February 19
Natural disasters:

2017-0051    Tropical cyclone Dineo; Mozambique
2017-0053    Measles outbreak; Guinea
2017-0061    Avalanche; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
2017-0062    Storm; Los Angeles, United States
2017-0064    Severe storm; Iran (Islam rep)

Technological disasters:

2017-0060    Shipwreck; Sri Lanka
2017-0063    Bus accident; Mendoza, Argentina
2017-0067    Bus accident; Taichung, Taiwan

Week 6-2017: February 06 - February 12
Natural disasters:

2017-0031    Floods; Kinshasa, Congo (Dem Rep)
2017-0050    Earthquake, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
2017-0052    Floods; Peru
2017-0068    Landslide; Bali, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2017-0066    Fire in a slum; Manilla, Philippines
2017-0067    Shipwreck; Quelimane, Mozambique

Week 5-2017: January 30 - February 05
Natural disasters:

2017-0025    Avalanche; Pakistan
2017-0026    Avalanche; Nuristan province, Afghanistan
2017-0027    Avalanche; Badakhstan province, Afghanistan

Technological disasters:

2017-0029    Fire in a massage room; Zhejiang, China

Week 4-2017: January 22 - January 28
Natural disasters:

2017-0028    Floods; Visayas and Mindanao islands, Philippines
2017-0032    Cold wave; Morocco
2017-0033    Cold wave; Algeria
2017-0034    Avalanches; Tajikistan
2017-0036    Floods and landslides; Peru
2017-0038    Severe weather; Jawzjan province, Afghanistan
2017-0043    Winter storm; California, United States
2017-0045    Floods; Balochistan province, Pakistan
2017-0046    Avalanche; Jammu and Kashmir, India
2017-0047    Flood; Indonesia
2017-0048    Earthquake; Sichuan province, China
2017-0049    Flood; French Polynesia

Technological disasters:

2017-0019    Shipwreck; Malaysia
2017-0035    Road accident; Anjozorobe, Madagascar
2017-0037    Road accident; Malem Hodar, Senegal

Week 3-2017: January 15 - January 21
Natural disasters:

2017-0014    Floods; Kapalong, Philippines
2017-0015    Earthquake and avalanche; Abruzzo, Italy
2017-0020    Floods; Philippines
2017-0021    Eruption of Mount Sinabung; North Sumatra, Indonesia
2017-0022    Severe storms; Mississippi and Georgia; United States

Technological disasters:

2017-0011    Plane crash, Datcha-Souou; Kyrghyzstan
2017-0016    Fire and collapse of a buidling; Teheran, Iran (Islam Rep)
2017-0017    Collision between a school bus and a truck; Uttar Pradesh, India
2017-0023    Train accident; Vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Week 2-2017: January 09 - January 15
Natural disasters:

2017-0010    Extreme winter conditions; Europe

Technological disasters:

2017-0012    Shipwreck; near Patna, India
2017-0013    Collision between a bus and a truck; Ecuador
2017-0018    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia

Week 1-2017: January 02 - January 08
Natural disasters:

2017-0002    Wildfires; Valparaiso, Chile
2017-0003    Tornadoes; United States
2017-0006    Floods; South, Thailand
2017-0009    Earthquake; Fars province, Iran (Islam Rep)

Technological disasters:

2017-0004    Rail accident; New York, United States
2017-0005    Bus accident; Between Sirare and Kisumu, Kenya
2017-0008    Road accident; South Morocco

Week 53-2016: December 26 2016 - January 01 2017
Natural disasters:

2016-0508    Floods; Java, Indonesia
2016-0509    Severe extreme winder conditions; Mongolia
2016-0510    Floods; Kelantan and Terengganu; Malaysia
2016-0518    Yellow fever outbreak; Brazil, Colombia and Peru

Technological disasters:

2017-0001    Fire on a boat; near Jakarta, Indonesia

Week 52-2016: December 19 - December 25
Natural disasters:

2016-0495    Earthquake; Esmeraldas province, Ecuador
2016-0503    Typhoon Nina (Nock-Ten); Philippines

Technological disasters:

2016-0500    A bus falls into a ravin; Abancay region, Peru
2016-0501    Explosion on a fireworks market; Tultepec, Mexico
2016-0502    Road accident; Malam Sidi, Gombe state, Nigeria
2016-0504    Plane crash; Black sea, Russia
2016-0505    Shipwreck; Albert Lake, Uganda
2016-0506    Adultered alcohol; Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Week 51-2016: December 12 - December 18
Natural disasters:

2016-0485    Cyclone Vardah; Chennai, India
2016-0496    Floods; Eastern coast, Spain
2016-0497    Floods; Central and South Central Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2016-0498    Gold mine collapse; Makungo, Congo (Dem Rep of)
2016-0499    Military plane crash; Wamena region, Indonesia

Week 50-2016: December 05 - December 11
Natural disasters:

2016-0472    Floods; South Thailand
2016-0475    Earthquake; Aceh province, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2016-0469    Fire in Hotel; Karachi, Pakistan
2016-0473    Shipwreck; near Socotra, Yemen
2016-0474    Plain crash; near Havelian, Pakistan
2016-0484    Road accident; Karai, Kenya

Week 49-2016: November 28 - December 04
Natural disasters:

2016-0463    Forest fires; Tennessee, United States
2016-0464    Earthquake; Puno region, Peru
2016-0468    Flood; Andalucia and Valencia regions, Sapin

Technological disasters:

2016-0455    Plane crash; Cerro Gordo, Colombia
2016-0456    Fire in a dormitory of a school; Adana, Turkey
2016-0465    A minibus falls into ariver; Hubei province, China
2016-0466    Fire in a party, Oakland, United States
2016-0467    Road accident; Khanty-Mansiysk-Tioumen, Russian Federation
2016-0470    Coal mine explosion;Qitaihe, Heilongjiang province, China
2016-0471    Coal mine explosion; Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China

Week 48-2016: November 21 - November 27
Natural disasters:

2016-0437    Landslide; Houaïlou, New Caledonia
2016-0442    Wildfire; Israel
2016-0447    Rift Valley fever outbreak; Tahoua, Niger
2016-0451    Flash Floods; Gemena; Congo (Dem Rep of)
2016-0453    Floods; Turin, Piemont and Liguria regions, Italy
2016-0454    Floods; Sicily, Italy
2016-0456    Tropical Storm 'Marce'; Philippines
2016-9452    Drought; Kenya

Technological disasters:

2016-0436    Road accident; Shanxi, China
2016-0437    A bus falls into a ravin; Thailand
2016-0441    Collapse of a platform; Fengcheng (Jiangxi province), China
2016-0450    Collision between two trains; Iran (Islam Rep)

Week 47-2016: November 14 - November 20
Natural disasters:

2016-0433    Tropical storm Otto; Pnama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua
2016-0440    Cholera outbreak; Yemen
2016-0446    Floods; Kosovo, Serbia
2016-9435    Drought; Bolivia

Technological disasters:

2016-0430    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2016-0431    Accident of oil truck; Tete province, Mozambique
2016-0434    Rail accident; Kanpu (Uttar Pradesh), India

Week 46-2016: November 07 - November 13
Natural disasters:

2016-0395    Earthquake. New Zealand
2016-0420    Flood; Albania
2016-0423    Flood; Dominican republic
2016-0424    Flood; Mexico
2016-0425    Flood; Gorontalo, Indonesia

Technological disasters:

2016-0421    Bus accident; Iran (Islamic Rep)
2016-0422    Fire in a textil factory; New Delhi, India

Week 45-2016: October 31 - November 06
Natural disasters:

2016-0365    Floods; Vietnam
2016-0366    Floods; Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, China
2016-0418    Floods; Cap Haitien, Haiti

Technological disasters:

2016-0412    Coal mine explosion; Laisu, Yongchuan district, China
2016-0413    Explosion on a shipyard; Gadani (Balochistan), Pakistan
2016-0414    Fire in a karaoke Bar, Hanoi, Vietnam
2016-0415    Shipwreck; Indonesia
2016-0416    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia

Week 44-2016: October 24 - October 30
Natural disasters:

2016-0357    Earthquake; Ussita, Italy
2016-0358    Earthquake; Central Italy
2016-0359    Thunderstorms and floods; Egypt
2016-0392    Dengue outbreak, Solomon Isl.

Technological disasters:

2016-0409    Explosion in a depot; Yulin, China
2016-0410    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2010-0411 Accident in a gold mine; Sumata, Indonesia

Week 43-2016: October 17 - October 23
Natural disasters:

2016-0356    Floods; Honduras
2016-0364    Typhoon Haima; Philippines, Hong Kong and China
2016-0394    Cholera outbreak; Ghana
2016-0404    Cholera outbreak; Haiti
2016-0405    Floods; North West, Haiti
2016-0407    Floods; Honduras

Technological disasters:

2016-0393    Train Crash; Cameroon
2016-0402    Collision between two buses; Khanpur, Pakistan
2016-0403    Fire in an hospital; Bhubanesway, India
2016-0407    Helicopter crash; Siberia, Russia
2016-0408    Bus accident; California, United States

Week 42-2016: October 10 - October 16
Natural disasters:

2016-0362    Tropical storm Aere; Vietnam
2016-0363    Typhoon Sarika; Philippines and China
2016-0400    Floods; Quang Binh province, Vietnam

Technological disasters:

2016-0396    Collapse of buildings; Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China
2016-0397    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2016-0398    Crush during a religious gathering; Varanasi, India

Week 41-2016: October 03 - October 09
Natural disasters:

2016-0355    Hurricane Matthew; United States, and the Caribbean
2016-0360    Floods; Thailand
2016-0361    Typhoon Chaba; Korea (Rep of) and Japan
2016-0367    Severe weather; Victoria, Australia

Technological disasters:

2016-0368    Boat accident with ligrant; Lybia

Week 40-2016: September 26 - October 02
Natural disasters:

2016-0333    Flash floods; Durango city, Mexico
2016-0350    Typhoon Megi, Taiwan
2016-0352    Floods, Cote d'Ivoire

Technological disasters:

2016-0351    Coal mine explosion; Shizuishan, CHina (P Rep)
2016-0353    Train accident, New Jersey, United States
2016-0354    Bus accident; Venezuela

Week 39-2016: September 19 - September 25
Natural disasters:

2016-0331    Floods; Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, United States
2016-0337    Floods; Jigawa state, Nigeria
2016-0344    Disease outbreak, Blue Nile and Kassala, Sudan
2016-0345    Floods and landslides; Java, Indonesia
2016-0348    Earthquake; Kivu, Congo (Dem Rep)

Technological disasters:

2016-0346    Shipwreck; Bangladesh
2016-0347    Shipwreck with migrants; near Rosette, Egypt
2016-0349    Bus falls into a river; near Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Week 38-2016: September 12 - September 18
Natural disasters:

2016-0332    Floods; Guerrero, Chiapas states, Mexico
2016-0341    Earthquake; Korea (Rep of)
2016-0342    Typhoon 'Meranti'; China, Taiwan and Philippines

Technological disasters:

2016-0330    Boat accident; Thailand
2016-0343    Collision between two trains; near Multan, Pakistan

Week 37-2016: September 05 - September 11
Natural disasters:

2016-0318    Landslides; Villa Nueva, Guatemala
2016-0319    Hurricane Newton; Los Cabos, Mexico
2016-0321    Floods; North Korea
2016-0325    Floods and landslides; Acapulco, Mexico
2016-0329    Earthquake; Kagera province, Tanzania (Uni Rep)

Technological disasters:

2016-0317    Road accident, Al-Wadi province, Egypt
2016-0328    Fire in a factory; Tongi, Bangladesh

Week 36-2016: August 29 - September 04
Natural disasters:

2016-0322    Hurricane Hermine; United States
2016-0324    Typhoon Lionrock; Iwate, Japan

Technological disasters:

2016-0320    Fire in Qilinto jail; Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
2016-0323    Collision between a gazoline-truck and a bus; Zabul province, Afghanistan

Week 35-2016: August 22 - August 28
Natural disasters:

2016-0312    Wildfires; Washington state; United States
2016-0313    Earthquake; Italy
2016-0316    Floods; Laos

Technological disasters:

2016-0314    Fire in a warehouse; Moscow, Russia

Week 34-2016: August 15 - August 21
Natural disasters:

2016-0295    Floods; Moscow, Russia
2016-0298    Earthquake; Arequipa region, Peru

Technological disasters:

2016-0296    Bus accident; Kavre district, Nepal
2016-0299    Collision between two buses; Daqahleya province, Egypt

Week 33-2016: August 08 - August 14
Natural disasters:

2016-0292    Floods; Louisiana and Mississippi, United States
2016-0297    Forest fire; North California, United States
2016-0300    Cholera outbreak; Central African Rep.
2016-9291    Drought; Swaziland

Technological disasters:

2016-0286    Fire in a hospital; Bagdad, Irak
2016-0290    Explosion in a powerplant; Dangyang, China
2016-0293    Shipwreck; Bangladesh
2016-0294    A bus falls into a ravin; Kashmir, Pakistan

Week 32-2016: August 01 - August 07
Natural disasters:

2016-0280    Wildfire; Portugal
2016-0282    Flash Floods; Skopje and Tetovo regions, Macedonia
2016-0283    Wildfire; Canary Isl.
2016-0284    Tropical storm Earl; Mexico and Belize
2016-0288    Floods; Bangladesh

Technological disasters:

2016-0278    Collapse of a bridge; Bombay region, India
2016-0279    Fire in a bar; Rouen, France
2016-0281    Road accident; near Kango, Gabon

Week 31-2016: July 25 - July 31
Natural disasters:

2016-0267    Floods and landslides; Nepal and India
2016-0268    Storm Mirinae; Vietnam
2016-0269    Floods; Agadez and Tahoua, Niger
2016-0270    Floods; Khyber region, Pakistan
2016-0287    Floods; Kadiago province, Burkina Faso

Technological disasters:

2016-0277    Balloning accident; near Lockhert, Texas, United States

Week 30-2016: July 18 - July 24
Natural disasters:

2016-0257    Floods; China
2016-0264    Forest fire; California, United States
2016-0272    Floods; Mali
2016-0273    Floods; Luxembourg
2016-0274    Floods; Sudan
2016-0276    Floods; Madhya Pradesh, India

Technological disasters:

2016-0261    Bus accident; Taïpei, Taiwan
2016-0262    A military plane disappear; between Andaman and Nicobar Isl., India
2016-0263    Bus accident; Iran
2016-0265    Shipwreck with migrants; Johor state, Malaysia
2016-0266    House fire; Ambalatovo, Madagascar

Week 29-2016: July 11 - July 17
Natural disasters:

2016-0259    Floods; Conakry, Guinea
2016-0260    Forest fires; South of France

Technological disasters:

2016-0258    Collision between two trains; Pouilles, Italy

Week 28-2016: July 04 - July 10
Natural disasters:

2016-0240    Flood; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
2016-0241    Flood; Southern and Eastern China
2016-0242    Flood; Singa, Sudan
2016-0255    Landslide; Xinjiang, China
2016-0256    Typhoon 'Nepartak'; China and Taiwan

Week 27-2016: June 27 - July 03
Natural disasters:

2016-0239    Floods; Uttarakhand state, India
2016-0240    Floods; Chitral district, Pakistan
2016-0250    Landslides; Guizhou province, China
2016-0251    Earthquake; Rasht region, Tajikistan
2016-9249    Drought, Paraguay

Technological disasters:

2016-0205    Chemical spill from a factory; Shenxian county (China)
2016-0252    Road accident; Masaka, Uganda
2016-0253    Plane crsah; Irkoutsk region, Russia
2016-0254    Fire in a slum; Antananarivo, Madagascar

Week 26-2016: June 20 - June 26
Natural disasters:

2016-0203    Storms and floods; Virginia, United States

2016-0206    Wild fires; California, United States

2016-0209    Tornado; Jiangsu province, China

2016-0211    Thunderstorm; Belgium

2016-0219    Floods; Niger

2016-0221    Floods and landslides; Kumamota prefecture, Japan

2016-0222    Wild fires; Cyprus

2016-0238    Floods; China

Technological disasters:

2016-0204    Helicopter crash; Choco department, Colombia

2016-0207    Bus accident; Hunan province, China

2016-0210    Collision between two trains; Durban, South Africa

Week 25-2016: June 13 - June 19
Natural disasters:

2016-0213    Wild fires; Arizona, California and Alaska, United States
2016-0215    Thunderstorms; Poland
2016-0216    Landslides; Java Isl., Indonesia
2016-0218    Floods; Centre of China
2016-0220    Heat wave; United States

Technological disasters:

2016-0217    Shipwreck; Siamozero lake, Russia

Week 24-2016: June 06 - June 12
Natural disasters:

2016-0212    Floods; Ghana

Technological disasters:

2016-0214    Road accident; Sao Paulo, Brazil

Week 23-2016: May 30 - June 05
Natural disasters:

2016-0179    Floods; Europe
2016-0201    Storms; Australia

Technological disasters:

2016-0177    Explosion in an amunition depot; near Nagpur, India
2016-0182    Fire in temporary housing; Qatar
2016-0199    Collision between a truck and a bus; near Aflou, Algeria
2016-0200    A bus falls into a canal; Turkey
2016-0202    Shipwreck with migrants: Crete, Greece

Week 22-2016: May 23 - May 29
Natural disasters:

Disasters of the week 22- May 23 - May 29 , 2016

2016-0181    Floods; Texas, United States
2016-0198    Floods and Landslides; China

Technological disasters:

2016-0180    Fire in an Elderly house; Litochki (Kiev region)

Week 21-2016: May 16 - May 22
Natural disasters:

2016-0151    Earthquakes; Esmeraldas and Manabi provinces, Ecuador
2016-0152    Landslides; Kegalle district, Sri Lanka
2016-0175    Cyclone Roanu; Bangladesh


Technological disasters:

2016-0171    Collision between a truck and a bus; Burkina Faso
2016-0173    Road accident; Kinnaur district, Himmachal Pradesh, India
2016-0174    A bus falls into a ravin; Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, India
2016-0176    Road accident; Mokambo, Congo (RDC)

Week 20-2016: May 09 - May 15
Natural disasters:

2016-0148    Landslides; West regions of Uganda
2016-0150    Tornadoes, Oklahoma, United States
2016-0152    Floods; Kilinochchi district, Sri Lanka
2016-0154    Thunderstorms; Bangladesh
2016-0156    Landslide; Sibolangit (Sumatra), Indonesia
2016-0164    Landslide; Rwanda

Technological disasters:

2016-0147    Bus accident; Toécé, Burkina Faso
2016-0155    Collision between a truck and a rickshaw, Adilabad district (Telengana state), India

Week 19-2016: May 02 - May 08
Natural disasters:

2016-0149    Landslide; Great Lakes region, Uganda
2016-0162    Mudslide; Taining district, Fujian province
2016-0165    Severe weather; Haiti
2016-0172    Wildfires; Alberta province, Canada

Technological disasters:

2016-0157    Coal mine explosion; Lougansk, Ukraine (Russia)
2016-0160    Landslide in a jade mine; Kachin, Myanmar
2016-0161    Collapse of a building; Nairobi, Kenya
2016-0163    Collision between two buses and a truck; Afghanistan

Week 18-2016: April 25 - May 01
Natural disasters:

2016-0125    Thunderstorms; United States
2016-0133    Heat wave; Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India

Technological disasters:

2016-0142    Bus accident; Burundi
2016-0166    Helicopter crash; Bergen region, Norway
2016-0167    Poisoning; Punjab province, Pakistan
2016-0168    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2016-0169    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya

Week 17-2016: April 18 - April 24
Natural disasters:

2016-0115    Thunderstorms, Soriano department, Uruguay
2016-0124    Flash flooding, Texas, United States
2016-0126    Floods; Port-au-Prince, Haiti
2016-0137    Floods; Southern China
2016-0138    Thunderstorms; Myanmar
2016-0139    Floods; Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, India
2016-0140    Thunderstorms; China
2016-9090    Drought; India
2016-9119    Drought, Timor-Leste

Technological disasters:

2016-0144    Explosion in a petrochimical plant; Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
2016-0145    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2016-0146    Shipwreck; Mynamar

Week 16-2016: April 11 - April 17
Natural disasters:

2016-0105    Floods; Saudi Arabia
2016-0107    Earthquake; Kumamoto (Kyushu Isl.), Japan
2016-0115    Storm and flood; Dolores, Uruguay
2016-0117    Earthquake; Ecuador
2016-0118    Floods: Santiago region, Chili
2016-0120    Flash floods; Yemen
2016-0221    Earthquake; Kumamoto (Kyushu Isl.), Japan

Technological disasters:

2016-0103    Collapse of a hoist on a building; Donggua, China
2016-0104    Plane crash; Kiunga, Papua New Guinea
2016-0114    Fire in a petrochimical factory, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
2016-0116    Bus accident; Odisha state, India

Week 15-2016: April 04 - April 10
Natural disasters:

2016-0100    Earthquake; Pakistan and Afghanistan
2016-0101    Floods, Jigjiga city, Ethiopia

Technological disasters:

2016-0097    A bus falls into a river; Cusco province, Peru
2016-0098    Collision between two buses; near Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia
2016-0099    Fire in a temple; Parvur, India
2016-0113    Collision between two trains; Costa Rica

Week 14-2016: March 28 - April 03
Natural disasters:

2016-0111    Storm Katie; France and United Kingdom
2016-0112    Floods and landslides; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2016-0102    Collapse of a bridge; Calcutta, India

Week 13-2016: March 21 - March 27
Natural disasters:

2016-0087    Severe weather; United States
2016-9090    Drought; India

Technological disasters:

2016-0108    Accident in a coal mine; Shanxi province, China
2016-0109    Road accident: near Moulins, France
2016-0110    Military helicopter crash, near Reggane, Algeria

Week 12-2016: March 14 - March 20
Natural disasters:

2016-0081    Floods; Kashmir, Pakistan
2016-0086    Severe weather; United States
2016-0094    Floods; West Java province, Indonesia
2016-0095    Floods; China

Technological disasters:

2016-0079    Fire in a rehabilitation centre; Sterlitamak, Russia
2016-0080    Plane crash by landing; Rostov-sur-le-Don, Russia
2016-0082    Bus accidents; Freginals, Spain
2016-0083    Bus accident; Jordan
2016-0084    Crash of military plane; Pastaza province, Ecuador

Week 11-2016: March 07 - March 13
Natural disasters:

2016-0074    Floods; United Arab Emirates
2016-0076    Floods; Serbia
2016-0077    Floods: Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016-0078    Floods; Pakistan

Technological disasters:

2016-0073    Collapse of a building; Lekki, Nigeria
2016-0075    Road accident; Abou Rdiss, Egypt

Week 10-2016: February 29 - March 06
Natural disasters:

2016-0056    Flash floods; Lubango, Angola

Technological disasters:

2016-0069    Contamination; Unite state, South Sudan
2016-0068    Collision between a truck and a car; Oman
2016-0070    Collision between two buses; Zimbabwe
2016-0071    Shipwreck of a boat carrying migrants; near Didim, Turkey
2016-0072    Collision between a bus and a truck; near Bauchi, Nigeria

Week 9-2016: February 22 - February 28
Natural disasters:

2016-9050    Drought and food insecurity; Lesotho
2016-9052    Drought and food insecurity; Haiti
2016-9057    Drought; Vietnam
2016-0051    Winter storm; United States
2016-0053    Floods; Haiti
2016-0054    Floods; Peru
2016-0055    Severe storms; Italy
2016-0057    Floods; Indonesia and Malaysia
2016-0058    Winter storm; Sichuan and Tibet, China
2016-0061    Cold wave; Morocco
2016-0065    Volcano Tungurahua; Ecuador

Technological disasters:

2016-0064    Coal mine explosion; near Vorkouta, Russia
2016-0066    Plane crash; Myagdi region, Nepal
2016-0067    A bus falls into a ravin; Durango state, Mexico

Week 8-2016: February 15 - February 21
Natural disasters:

2016-0041    Cyclone Winston; Tonga and Fidji

Technological disasters:

2016-0042    Collision between a bus and a truck; Ghana

Week 7-2016: February 08 - February 14
Natural disasters:

2016-0050    Severe weather, United States

Technological disasters:

2016-0044    Collision between two trains; Bavaria, Germany
2016-0045    Collision between a truck and a minibus; Naâma region, Algeria
2016-0046    Collision between a military truck and a bus; Bofossou, Guinea

Week 6-2016: February 01 - February 07
Natural disasters:

2016-0043    Earthquake; Tainan, Taiwan
2016-0049    Avalanche; India

Technological disasters:

2016-0047    Poisoning in a mine; Choco department, Colombia
2016-0048    Drownig incident; Raigad district, India

Week 5-2016: January 25 - January 31
Natural disasters:

2016-0027    Snowstorm and cold wave; South Korea
2016-0032    Flood; Ecuador
2016-0034    Earthquake; Spain and Morocco
2016-0035    Windstorm Marita, Scotland, United Kingdom
2016-0038    Floods; China

Technological disasters:

2016-0007    Fire in a factory; Moscow, Russia
2016-0008    Shipwreck of migrants boat; near Samos, Greece
2016-0009    Shipwreck of migrants boat; Near Johor state, Malaysia
2016-0029    Fire incident in power house; Maldives

Week 4-2016: January 18 - January 24
Natural disasters:

2016-0010    Snowstorm, East coast, United States
2016-0021    Eruption Mount Egon, Flores Isl., Indonesia
2016-0023    Cold wave; East Asia
2016-0028    Flood; Dodoma municipality, Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2016-0037    Earthquake; Qinghai province, China

Technological disasters:

2016-0020    A bus falls into a ravin; Junin region, Peru
2016-0024    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey
2016-0025    Shipwreck with migrants; near Kalilimnos IsL, Greece
2016-0026    Shipwreck of a boat carrying tourists; near Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Week 3-2016: January 11 - January 17
Natural disasters:

2016-0018    Eruption of Ubinas; Moquagua region, Peru
2016-0019    Earthquake; Moluques province, Indonesia
2016-0031    Thunderstorms; Florida, United States
2016-0033    Floods; Brazil
2016-0036    Heat wave, South Africa

Technological disasters:

2016-0016    Shipwreck with migrants; Colombia
2016-0022    Collision between two helicopters; Hawai, United States

Week 2-2016: January 04 - January 10
Natural disasters:

2016-0001    Cold wave; Poland
2016-0002    Earthquake; India and Bangladesh
2016-0005    Storm; California, United States
2016-0014    Wildfires; Yarloop, Australia

Technological disasters:

2016-0013    Gaz leak; California, United States

Week 1-2016: December 28 2015 - January 03 2016
Natural disasters:

2015-0566 Wildfires; Spain
2016-0004    Tropical cyclone Ula; Tonga

Technological disasters:

2016-0003    Gaz explosion in a bus; Karak, Pakistan
2016-0005    Shipwreck; Kafr al-Cheikh, Egypt

Week 52-2015: December 21 - December 27
Natural disasters:

2015-0558    Tornadoes; South of United States
2015-0560    Forest Fires; Australia
2015-0561    Floods; United Kingdom
2015-0564    Floods; Kenya
2015-0565    Floods; United States

Technological disasters:

2015-0556    Fire in an hospital; Jazan, Saudi Arabia
2015-0559    A bus falls into a ravin; Samangan province, Afghanistan
2015-0567    Gaz explosion, Nnewi, Nigeria
2015-0568    Plane crash; New Delhi, India

Week 51-2015: December 14 - December 20
Natural disasters:

2015-0551    Floods; Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
2015-0554    Landslide and explosion; Shenzhen, China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0539    Bus accident; Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina
2015-0555    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey
2015-0552    Bus accident; Doi Saket, Thailand
2015-0553    Collision between a bus and mini-bus; Oaxaca state, Mexico

Week 50-2015: December 07 - December 13
Natural disasters:

2015-0528    Earthquake; Tajikistan
2015-0535    Floods; Bukavu, Zaire/Congo; Dem Rep

Technological disasters:

2015-0537    Fire in and hospital; Voronej region, Russia
2015-0538    Boat accident; Borneo, Indonesia

Week 49-2015: November 30 - December 6
Natural disasters:

2015-0524    Landslide; Lebong Tandai (Sumatra Isl), Indonesia
2015-0525    Storm Desmond; Cumbria county; United Kingdom
2015-0529    Extreme winter conditions; Mongolia
2015-0536    Floods; Kinshasa, Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep
2015-0542    Floods; Albania

Technological disasters:

2015-0523    Roads accidents during 'Magal'; Senegal
2015-0526    Fire on a petrol plaftform; Azerbaidjan
2015-0527    Collision between a train and a bus; Jakarta, Indonesia

Week 48-2015: November 23 - November 29
Natural disasters:

2015-0531   Winter storm; Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma states, United States
2015-0540   Cholera outbreak; Tanzania (Uni Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0513    Crash of an helicopter; Igarka, Russia
2015-0518    Fire in a hangar; Ouargla, Algeria
2015-0519    Road accident; near Westonaria, South Africa
2015-0520    Fire in a slum; Masiphumelele, South Africa
2015-0521    Shipwreck; Kivu lake, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 47-2015: November 16 - November 22
Natural disasters:

2015-0506    Earthquake; Leucade Isl., Greece
2015-0507    Floods; Medine region, Saudi Arabia
2015-0509    Measles epidemic; Mokolo, Cameroon
2015-0512    Earthquake; Osh province, Kyrgyztan
2015-0514    Forest fires; Pinery region, Australia
2015-0516    Landslide on a jade mine; Hpakant region, Myanmar

Technological disasters:

2015-0505        Train accident; near Quetta, Pakistan
2015-0507        Shipwreck, migrants: Near Kos Isl., Greece
2015-0515        Fire in a coal line; near Jixi (Heilongjiang province), China (P Rep)
2015-0516        Road accident; near Jalpan, Mexico

Week 46-2015: November 9 - November 15
Natural disasters:

2015-0499    Floods; Iran (Islam Rep)
2015-0502    Landslide; Lishui (China, P Rep)
2015-0504    Severe weather: Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India
2015-9500    Drought, South Africa

Technological disasters:

2015-0496        Shipwreck with migrants; near Ayvacik, Turkey
2015-0501        Speed train accident (TGV), Eckwersheim, France

Week 45-2015: November 2 - November 8
Natural disasters:

2015-0484        Cyclone Chapala; Yemen
2015-0488        Storms and floods; Texas and Louisiana, United States  
2015-0494        Cyclone Megh; Socotra Isl., Yemen
2015-0203        Floods and landslides; Colombia

Complex disasters:

2015-0487        Plane crash; Juba, South Sudan
2015-0493        Collapse of a factory; Sundar, Pakistan

Week 44-2015: October 26 - November 1st
Natural disasters:

2015-0476    Earthquake; Afghanistan and Pakistan
2015-0477    Floods; Somalia
2015-0482    Floods; Tindouf region, Algeria
2015-0485    Floods; Bhagdad; Irak

Technological disasters:

2015-0483    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece
2015-0486    Collapse of a dam; Mariana, Brazil
2015-0495    Fire in a discotheque; Bucarest, Romania

Week 43-2015: October 19 - October 25
Natural disasters:

2015-0470    Hurricane Patrica; Mexico
2015-0471    Thunderstorms; Texas, United States
2015-0477    Floods; Somalia
2015-9478    Food Insecurity; Zimbabwe

Technological disasters:

2015-0463    Collision bettween a truck and a bus; Puissegin, France
2015-0472    Ferry accident; Hong Kong (China)

Week 42-2015: October 12 - October 18
Natural disasters:

2015-0454    Rockslide; Karachi, Pakistan
2015-0455    Landslide; Kayah state, Myanmar
2015-0462    Typhoon Koppu; Philippines
2015-0465    Floods; Latium and Abruzzes region, Italy
2015-0466    Floods; Oman

Technological disasters:

2015-0467    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey
2015-0468    Shipwreck; near Odessa, Ukraine
2015-0469     Road accident with migrants; Iran (Islam Rep)


Week 41-2015: October 5 - October 11
Natural disasters:

2015-0459    Floods; South Carolina, United States


Technological disasters:

2015-0452    Explosion in  a restaurant; Anhui province, China (P Rep)
2015-0453    Shipwreck with migrants; near Baltim, Egypt


Week 40-2015: September 28 - October 4
Natural disasters:

2015-0444    Landslide; Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala
2015-0451    Floods: Cote d'Azur, France
2015-0458    Typhoon Dujuan; Taiwan and China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0461    Transport accident; Ankara, Turkey

Week 39-2015: September 21 - September 27
Natural disasters:

2015-0415    Earthquake; Sorong, Indonesia
2015-0446    Floods; Central America and Caribbean
2015-0448    Floods; Nigeria
2015-0457    Floods; China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0414    Stampede during pilgrimage to Mecca; Mina, Saudi Arabia
2015-0416    Collision between a truck and a bus; Hunan province, China (P REp)
2015-0443    Shipwreck with migrants; near Bodrum, Turkey

Week 38-2015: September 14 - September 20
Natural disasters:

2015-0421    Wildfires; California, United States
2015-0431    Flash floods; Utah, United States
2015-0433    Wildfires; Ecuador
2015-0434    Storms; France
2015-0435    Earthquake; Chile
2015-0436    Floods; Freetown, Sierra Leone
2015-0437    Floods; Tamanrasset, Algeria
2015-0438    Floods; Iran (Islam Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0432    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey
2015-0417    Explosion of a tanker; South Sudan
2015-0439    Intoxication; Tianshui, China (P Rep)
2015-0441    Collision of a ferry with a migrants boat; near Canakkale, Turkey

week 37-2015: September 7 - September 13
Natural disasters:

2015-0418    Floods; Ibaraki (Japan)
2015-0427    Sandstorm; Lebanon and Syria

Technological disasters:

2015-0419    Gaz explosion in a restaurant; Madhya Pradesh, India
2015-0420    Shipwreck with migrants; near Farmakonis, Greece
2015-0442    Collision between a truck and a bus; Lusaka, Zambia

Week 36-2015: August 31 - September
Natural disasters:

2015-0428    Landslide; Kolonkola village; Guinea

Technological disasters:

2015-0404    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia (Arab Rep)
2015-0422    Fire in a prison; Tocuyito, Carabobo state, Venezuela
2015-0423    Bus accident; Paraty, Brazil
2015-0425    Bus accident; Qom, Iran (Islam Rep)
2015-0426    Shipwreck with migrants; Malaysia

Week 35-2015: August 24 - August 30
Natural disasters:

2015-0375    Hurricane Erika; Caribbean
2015-0385    Wildfires; Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep
2015-0390    Flash floods; Artvin region, Turkey

Technological disasters:

2015-0376    Migrants accident; Burgenland, Austria
2015-0377    Shipwreck with migrants; near Zouara, Lybian (Arab Jamah)
2015-0378    Migrants found on a boat; Italy
2015-0386    Road accident; Swaziland
2015-0387    Bus accident; Butterworth, Cap-Oriental, South Africa
2015-0388    Mini-bus accident; Cap Oriental, South Africa
2015-0389    Fire in a residential building; Khobar, Saudi Arabia

week 34-2015: August 17 - August 23
Natural disasters:

2015-0363    Floods; Durazno and Trinta y Tres departments, Uruguay
2015-0364    Snowfall; Bolivia
2015-0365    Landslide in a sikhs temple area; Himachal Pradesh, India
2015-0371    Typhoon Goni; Philippines
2015-9364    Drought; Isabela province, Philippines

Technological disasters:

2015-0360    A bus falls from a bridge; Kwa-Zulu natal, South Africa
2015-0367    Shipwreck; congo river, Lileko, Congo (Dem Rep)

Week 33-2015: August 10 - August 16
Natural disasters:

2015-0343    Forest fires; Siberia, Russia
2015-0344    Floods; Azial region, Morocco
2015-0349    Floods; Pampa region, Argentina

Technological disasters:

2015-0340    Stampede during a pilgrimage; Jharkhand state, India
2015-0350    Collapse of a mine due to landslide; Shaanxi province, China (P Rep)
2015-0351    Mine explosion; Guizhou province, China (P Rep)
2015-0356    Immigrants boat incident; near Lampedusa, Italy
2015-0357    Explosions and fire in an industrial area; Tianjin, China (P Rep)

Week 32-2015: August 03 - August 09
Natural disasters:

2015-0317    Floods; India
2015-0318    Storm; Tetovo, Macedonia
2015-0323    Floods; Mindano Isl., Philippines
2015-0324    Floods; Lao (Dem Rep)
2015-0336    Earthquake; South Kivu, Zaire/Congo (Rep Dem)
2015-0338    Severe storms; Chile
2015-0339    Typhoon (Soudelor); Taiwan, China (P Rep) and Philippines
2015-0341    Dengue outbreak; Samoa
2015-0342    Heat wave; Egypt
2015-0345    Floods; Korea (Dem P Rep)
2015-0346    Floods; Burkina-Faso
2015-0354    Earthquake; Alegria, El Salvador

Technological disasters:

2015-0319    Collapse of a building; Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau
2015-0320    Train accident; Madhya Prades, India
2015-0321    Collision between two buses; Khabarovsk, Russia

Week 31-2015: July 27 - August 02
Natural disasters:

2015-0292    Floods; Quand Ninh province, Vietnam
2015-0306    Landslides; Kaski, Nepal
2015-0308    Floods; Myanmar
2015-0310    Floods; Asuncion, Paraguay
2015-0312    Wildfires, California, United States
2015-0314    Floods; Puerto Boyaca, Colombia
2015-0322    Earthquake; Papua, Indonesia
2015-9037    Drought; Botswana
2015-9328    Drought; China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0295    Fire in a furniture factory; Cairo, Egypt
2015-0300    Crash of a military helicopter; Laos
2015-0311    Crash of a military plane; Las Palomas, Colombia

Week 30-2015: July 20 - July 26
Natural disasters:

2015-0286    Floods; Tajikistan
2015-0291    Floods; Pakistan
2015-0293    Floods and landslides; Bangladesh
2015-0313    Floods; Guyana
2015-0315    Cold wave; Peru
2015-0325    Floods; Colombia

Technological disasters:

2015-0260    Collision of two boats; Waraq region, Egypt
2015-0264    Collision between a bus and a truck; Krasnoïarsk, Russia
2015-0265    A bus falls into a ravin, Védéno district, Russia
2015-0289    Shipwreck; Lybian (Arab Jamah)
2015-0304    Explosion in a firework factory; Near Bari, Italy

Week 29-2015: July 13 - July 19
Natural disasters:

2015-0258    Flash floods; Iran (Islam Rep)
2015-0261    Typhoon Nangka; Honshu and Sikoku Isl., Japan
2015-0263    Severe storms; Poland
2015-0285    Floods; Brazil
2015-0290    Wildfires; Greece
2015-0294    Floods; Myanmar

Technological disasters:

2015-0262    Collision of two trains; Johannesburg, South Africa

Week 28-2015: July 06 - July 12
Natural disasters:

2015-0244    Typhoon Chan-hom; China (P Rep), Japan, Taiwan and Philippines
2015-0275    Forest fires; Saskatchevan, Canada
2015-0277    Eruption of Colima Volcano; Mexico
2015-0278    Tropical cyclone Linfa; China (P Rep) and Philippines
2015-0283    Floods; Philippines

Technological disasters:

2015-0241    Collapse of a military house, Svetly (near Omsk, Siberia), Russia
2015-0242    Explosion of a oil pipeline; Nigeria
2015-0243    Stampede; Mimensingh, Bangladesh
2015-0266    Bus accident, Krasnoïarsk region, Russia
2015-0273    Road accident; Gölmarmara Manisa proivince, Turkey
2015-0274    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece
2015-0276    Accident on a boats carrying migrants; Sicily, Italy

Week 27-2015: June 29 - July 05
Natural disasters:

2015-0237    Floods, Costa Rica
2015-0253    Floods and Landslides; India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
2015-0255    Floods; China (P Rep)
2015-0246    Wildfires; Washington State, United States
2015-0271    Earthquake; Xinjiang region, China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0267    Military plane crash; Medan, Indonesia
2015-0268    Collision between a bus and a truck; Madhya Pradesh, India
2015-0269    Bus accident; Ancash region, Peru
2015-0270    Shipwreck; Leyte Isl., Philippines
2015-0272    Collapse of a shoes factory; Wenling, Zhejiang province, China (P Rep)

Week 26-2015: June 22 - June 28
Natural disasters:

2015-0235    Floods;Sotchi , Russia
2015-0236    Floods; Gujarat state, India
2015-0250    Floods; China (P Rep)
2015-0251    Severe weather; China (P Rep)
2015-0252    Tropical storm Kujira; China (P Rep) and Vietnam
2015-0254    Floods; Xinjiang province, China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0233    Road accident; near Tédoua, Central African Rep
2015-0234    Collision between a truck and a bus; Omsk, West Siberia, Russia
2015-0238    Fire during a concert, Taiwan

Week 25-2015: June 15 - June 21
Natural disasters:

2015-0232    Heat wave, Pakistan
2015-0249    Floods; Maharashtra and Gujarat, India
2015-0256    Floods; New Zealand
2015-9527    Drought, Korea (Dem P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0230    Collision between a train and a bus; Tabika (El Fahes), Tunisia

Week 24-2015: June 08 - June 14
Natural disasters:

2015-0226    Landslide; Taplejung, Nepal
2015-0227    Floods; Tbilissi, Georgia
2015-0231    Floods, Cote d'Ivoire

Technological disasters:

2015-0223    Road accident; Huanuco, Peru
2015-0224    Fire in a tanker depot; Kiev, Ukraine
2015-0228    Bus accident; Egypt
2015-0229    Bus accident; near Hourghada, Egypt

Week 23-2015: June 1st - June 07
Natural disasters:

2015-0202    Floods; Russia
2015-0203    Floods; Salaj County, Romania
2015-0215    Floods; Khuzdar district, Pakistan
2015-0216    Earthquake; Borneo, Malaysia

Technological disasters:

2015-0193    Fire of a truck in a road accident; Onitsha, Nigeria
2015-0196    Shipwreck; Jianli, Hubei province, China (P Rep)
2015-0197    Bus accident; Mazandaran province, Iran Islam Rep)
2015-0201    Fire in a gas station; Accra, Ghana

Week 22-2015: May 25 - May 31
Natural disasters:

2015-0187    Tornado; Ciudad Acuna, Mexico
2015-0189    Heat wave; India
2015-0212    Flash floods and thunderstorms; Texas and Oklahoma, United States
2015-0220    Floods; China (P Rep)

Technological disasters:

2015-0188    Fire in an elderly home; Pingdingshan, Henan province, China (P Rep)
2015-0191    Road accident; Beni Souef, Egypt
2015-0192    Fire in a hospital, Qamichli, Syrian (Arab Rep)

Week 21-2015: May 18 - May 24
Natural disasters:

2015-0171    Landslides; Salgar, Colombia
2015-0185    Flood and landslides; China (P Rep)
2015-0186    Flood; Texas and Oklahoma, United States
2015-0194    Flood and mudslides; Tajikistan
2015-0204    Flood; Chile
2015-0205    Flood; Tanzania (Uni Rep)
2015-0206    Flood; Wellington, New Zealand
2015-0207    Flood; Tamil Nadu, India

Technological disasters:

2015-0221    Oil spill, California, United States

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