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Title Year Publisher Authors Link
Chapter 13 - Data challenges limit our global understanding of humanitarian disasters triggered by climate extremes 2020 Elsevier Mahecha et al. Access
Trends and Patterns in Disasters and Their Impact in the Asia-Pacific Countries of the Asian Development Bank 2014 Routledge Guha-Sapir and Hoyois Access
The Frequency and Impact of Natural Disasters 2013 Oxford University Press Guha-Sapir et al. Access
Climate disasters 2012 The Energy and Resources Institute Guha-Sapir and Cichon Access
Floods as Human Health Risks 2011 Elsevier le Polain de Waroux Access
Earthquakes, an Epidemiological Perspective on Patterns and Trends 2011 Springer Netherlands Guha-Sapir and Vos Access
Quantifying Global Environmental Change Impacts: Methods, Criteria and Definitions for Compiling Data on Hydro-meteorological Disasters 2011 Springer Guha-Sapir and Vos Access
Disasters in India: Policy Overview of Vulnerability, Risks and Human Impact 2010 Routledge India Guha-Sapir and Hoyois Access
Thirty years of natural disasters 1974-2003: The numbers 2004 Presses universitaires de Louvain Guha-Sapir et al. Access
Disasters in South Asia 2000 Oxford University Press Guha-Sapir Access
Overview of types of hazards and disasters, and their consequences. 2000 Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) Guha-Sapir Access