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State and Progress of global disaster databases

• EM‐DAT: Progress and presentation of the new website (A.Diaz, CRED) - Download
• DisDat disaster portal and information sharing (A. Diaz, CRED and C.Villacis, UNDP‐GRIP) - Download and Download
• Monitoring disaster displacement in the context of climate change - practical example of EM‐DAT use (V. Culbert, NRC) - Download
• Changing global needs for disaster‐related data for implementing the Hyogo Framework and adapting to climate change (R.Basher, ISDR) - Download

Strengthening the quality, reliability and sustainability of national and regional disaster databases

• A regional programme for disaster databases: lessons learned in Asia (J. Yan, UNDP‐GRIP) - Download
• Introduction and methodology (R. Below, CRED) - Download
• Case study: Vietnam (Dang Quang Minh, Disaster Management Center) - Download
• Case study: Nepal (S.Shrestha, National Society Earthquake Technology, Nepal Disaster Management Center) - Download
• Case study: Sri Lanka (D.Rajapaksha, Disaster Management Centre) - Download and Download
• Presentation of preliminary results from the study (R. Below, CRED and F. Vos, CRED) - Download
• Discussion on expectations and long‐term process (C. Villacis, UNDP‐GRIP) - Download

Footprinting disaster impact: Pros and cons of geo‐referencing global data sets?

• Geo‐referencing disaster events: Overview, strengths and pitfalls (N. Smith, OFDA) - Download
   Geo‐referencing disaster events: Experiences from EM‐DAT:
       • EM‐DAT methodology (F. Vos, CRED) - Download
       • Applications on linking disasters and conflicts (A. Diaz, CRED) - Download
• Geographic Information Support Team (K. Payne , University of Georgia) - Download
• Geo‐referencing, experiences from NatCat services (A. Wirtz, MünichRe)
• Space‐based information for local damage assessment and disaster management (J. Szarzynski, UNOOSA) - Download
• Review of all hazard disaster databases sub-committee (V. Murray, London's Chemical Hazards and Poisons Divisions HPA) - Download

Linking up global datasets

• Issues in compatibility of data sets and research directions (G. Yetman, CIESIN, Columbia University) - Download
• Exploratory study on association between EM‐DAT disaster events and precipitation (J. Rodriguez, CRED) - Download
• Using EM‐DAT flood data for research (J. Barredo, EU‐JRC) - Download
• Africa: Conflict Without Borders Google Earth Mash-Up (D. King, US Department of State HIU) - Download

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