CRED Crunch 69 - The interplay of drought-flood extreme events in Africa over the last twenty years (2002-2021)

Human and economic impacts of natural disasters: can we trust the global data?

Valuing Human Impact of Natural Disasters: A Review of Methods

CRED Crunch 68 - Natural Hazards & Disasters : An overview of the first half of 2022

CRED Crunch 67 - EM-DAT : The last 25 years in research

CRED Crunch 66 - Disasters Year in Review 2021

Disasters in numbers 2021

CRED Crunch 65 - Technological Disasters: Trends & Transport accidents

Sandy Tubeuf

Professor of Health Economics (research interests in the area of Health Economics, Labour Economics and Applied Econometrics

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones holds a Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Human Physiology at the University of Leeds (UK) and a Master of Science (MSc) in Health Economics, University of York (UK).


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