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"Los desastres naturales que más aumentan en Europa son las inundaciones y se pueden evitar" 20minutos 2015-10-13
Debarati Guha-Sapir: “Las vallas nunca son la solución para ninguna crisis” Lamera 2015-10-13
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Disasters cost $366 bn in 2011: UN AFP 2012-01-19
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2011 : lourd bilan pour les catastrophes naturelles Affaires Strategiques Info 2012-01-19
Disaster area The Philippine Star 2012-02-08
Disasters cost US$366b in 2011: UN The Business Time 2012-01-18
L'ONUSIPC appelle à se préparer aux risques de catastrophes RAdio Chine International 2012-01-19
Let the rebuilding begin! Business World Online 2011-12-20
You can act, or not act, on disasters, Filipinos told New Inquirer 2012-01-08
UNISDR warns against ignoring seismic threats as quakes wreak havoc for second year PreventionWeb 2012-01-18
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Record de pertes économiques liées à des catastrophes naturelles en 2011 RTBF 2012-01-18
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Global economic losses from disasters in 2011 total $366 bil. The Mainichi Newspaper 2012-01-19
Top 10 Global Weather Events of 2011 Center for American Progress Action Fund 2012-01-02
2011 Costliest Year in History for Catastrophes Voice of America 2012-01-18
Ignoring 2011 disasters'' stats ''unwise'' step - UN report Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) 2012-01-19
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Les séismes et inondations ont causé des pertes de 366 milliards $US en 2011 Radio Canada 2012-01-18
Typhoons to further trim down growth forecast for Philippines Xinhua News Agency 2011-10-11
Human ecology, changing climate and hydrology The Daily Star 2011-11-12
BC/DR spending not a top budget priority CSO Online 2011-11-01
Thailand Suffers Most Costly Flood in History – 10% of Annual Rice Crop Destroyed Planetsave 2011-10-19
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