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Disaster Profile - Natural Disasters

The information on natural disasters presented here is taken from EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database. In order for a disaster to be entered into the database at least one of the following criteria has to be fulfilled:

• 10 or more people reported killed
• 100 people reported affected
• a call for international assistance
• declaration of a state of emergency
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Data on natural disasters are presented in three forms:

• Top 10
• Summarized table

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by numbers of killed at the country level:
CountryDateNo Killed
China P Rep, Riverine floodJul-19313,700,000
China P Rep, --Jul-19592,000,000
China P Rep, Riverine floodJul-1939500,000
China P Rep, --1935142,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood1911100,000
China P Rep, --Jul-194957,000
Guatemala, --Oct-194940,000
China P Rep, --Aug-195430,000
Venezuela, Flash flood15-Dec-199930,000
Bangladesh, --Jul-197428,700

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by numbers of total affected people at the country level:
CountryDateNo Total Affected
China P Rep, Riverine flood01-Jul-1998238,973,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood01-Jun-1991210,232,227
China P Rep, Riverine flood30-Jun-1996154,634,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood23-Jun-2003150,146,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood29-May-2010134,000,000
India, --08-Jul-1993128,000,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood15-May-1995114,470,249
China P Rep, Riverine flood15-Jun-2007105,004,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood23-Jun-1999101,024,000
China P Rep, --14-Jul-1989100,010,000

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by economic damage costs at the country level:
CountryDateDamage (000 US$)
Thailand, Riverine flood05-Aug-201140,000,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood01-Jul-199830,000,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood29-May-201018,000,000
Korea Dem P Rep, Riverine flood01-Aug-199515,000,000
Germany, Riverine flood28-May-201312,900,000
China P Rep, Riverine flood30-Jun-199612,600,000
United States, Riverine flood24-Jun-199312,000,000
Germany, --11-Aug-200211,600,000
United States, Riverine flood09-Jun-200810,000,000
Pakistan, Flash flood28-Jul-20109,500,000

Created on: Jan-30-2015.   Data version: v12.07

Please note that the CRED/EM-DAT team is currently working on enhancing the economic damage figures. Therefore, we suggest that these figures are treated with caution. Visit our website regularly for updated information.

Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database, - Université catholique de Louvain - Brussels - Belgium"

For some natural disasters (particularly floods and droughts)there is no exact day or month for the event, and for other disasters (particularly pre-1974) the available record of the disaster does not provide an exact day or month.

Summarized Table of Floods sorted by Continent from 1900 to 2013
  # of
(000 US$)
  ave. per event  3161,5044,367
 Coastal flood71691,202,82942,750
  ave. per event  24171,8336,107
 Flash flood882,7772,273,101486,086
  ave. per event  3225,8315,524
 Riverine flood54615,86250,902,4735,914,880
  ave. per event  2993,22810,833
  ave. per event  16080,90662,150
 Coastal flood181,0811,064,7681,212,720
  ave. per event  6059,15467,373
 Flash flood6432,4152,805,4744,839,870
  ave. per event  50743,83675,623
 Riverine flood55713,83754,749,33577,670,955
  ave. per event  2598,293139,445
  ave. per event  4,4631,632,67878,861
 Coastal flood402,06018,174,2018,472,384
  ave. per event  52454,355211,810
 Flash flood28126,727165,889,10926,808,370
  ave. per event  95590,35395,404
 Riverine flood9164,408,8802,336,840,301305,782,977
  ave. per event  4,8132,551,136333,824
  ave. per event  2532,072182,407
 Coastal flood72,028615,531342,622
  ave. per event  29087,93348,946
 Flash flood521,820572,36917,056,710
  ave. per event  3511,007328,014
 Riverine flood3371,9939,834,57088,373,607
  ave. per event  629,183262,236
  ave. per event  59,40012,609
 Coastal flood101478,030252,500
  ave. per event  17,80325,250
 Flash flood199041,7751,892,100
  ave. per event  52,19999,584
 Riverine flood55185628,86511,752,754
  ave. per event  311,434213,686

Created on:Jan-30-2015. - Data version: v12.07

Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database,
Universite catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium"

*Events recorded in the CRED EM-DAT. First Event: Jan/1900, Last Entry:Dec/2013.