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Disaster Profile - Natural Disasters

The information on natural disasters presented here is taken from EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database. In order for a disaster to be entered into the database at least one of the following criteria has to be fulfilled:

• 10 or more people reported killed
• 100 people reported affected
• a call for international assistance
• declaration of a state of emergency
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Data on natural disasters are presented in three forms:

• Top 10
• Summarized table

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by numbers of killed at the country level:
CountryDateNo Killed
China P Rep, General floodJul-19313,700,000
China P Rep, --Jul-19592,000,000
China P Rep, General floodJul-1939500,000
China P Rep, --1935142,000
China P Rep, General flood1911100,000
China P Rep, --Jul-194957,000
Guatemala, --Oct-194940,000
China P Rep, --Aug-195430,000
Venezuela, Flash flood15-Dec-199930,000
Bangladesh, --Jul-197428,700

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by numbers of total affected people at the country level:
CountryDateNo Total Affected
China P Rep, General flood1-Jul-1998238,973,000
China P Rep, General flood1-Jun-1991210,232,227
China P Rep, General flood30-Jun-1996154,634,000
China P Rep, General flood23-Jun-2003150,146,000
China P Rep, General Flood29-May-2010134,000,000
India, --8-Jul-1993128,000,000
China P Rep, General flood15-May-1995114,470,249
China P Rep, General flood15-Jun-2007105,004,000
China P Rep, General flood23-Jun-1999101,024,000
China P Rep, --14-Jul-1989100,010,000

Top 10 most important Flood disasters for the period 1900 to 2013
sorted by economic damage costs at the country level:
CountryDateDamage (000 US$)
Thailand, General Flood5-Aug-201140,000,000
China P Rep, General flood1-Jul-199830,000,000
China P Rep, General Flood29-May-201018,000,000
Korea Dem P Rep, General flood1-Aug-199515,000,000
Germany, General Flood28-May-201312,900,000
China P Rep, General flood30-Jun-199612,600,000
United States, General flood24-Jun-199312,000,000
Germany, --11-Aug-200211,600,000
United States, General Flood9-Jun-200810,000,000
Pakistan, Flash Flood28-Jul-20109,500,000

Created on: Oct-23-2014.   Data version: v12.07

Please note that the CRED/EM-DAT team is currently working on enhancing the economic damage figures. Therefore, we suggest that these figures are treated with caution. Visit our website regularly for updated information.

Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database, - Université catholique de Louvain - Brussels - Belgium"

For some natural disasters (particularly floods and droughts)there is no exact day or month for the event, and for other disasters (particularly pre-1974) the available record of the disaster does not provide an exact day or month.

Summarized Table of Floods sorted by Continent from 1900 to 2013
  # of
(000 US$)
  ave. per event  3161,5044,367
 Flash flood882,7772,274,640486,086
  ave. per event  3225,8485,524
 General flood54615,86250,803,0325,914,880
  ave. per event  2993,04610,833
 Storm surge/coastal flood71691,202,82942,750
  ave. per event  24171,8336,107
  ave. per event  16080,90662,150
 Flash flood6432,4152,805,4744,839,870
  ave. per event  50743,83675,623
 General Flood55613,86454,966,50377,612,955
  ave. per event  2598,861139,592
 General flood/Mudslide1119,950-
  ave. per event  119,950-
 Storm surge/coastal flood171,0701,054,8181,212,720
  ave. per event  6362,04871,337
  ave. per event  4,4631,632,67878,861
 Flash flood28126,727165,889,10926,808,370
  ave. per event  95590,35395,404
 General flood9164,408,8822,336,840,301305,782,977
  ave. per event  4,8132,551,136333,824
 Storm surge/coastal flood402,06018,174,2018,472,384
  ave. per event  52454,355211,810
  ave. per event  2532,072182,407
 Flash flood521,820572,36917,056,710
  ave. per event  3511,007328,014
 General flood3371,9939,834,57085,762,179
  ave. per event  629,183254,487
 Storm surge/coastal flood72,028615,531342,622
  ave. per event  29087,93348,946
  ave. per event  59,40012,609
 Flash flood199041,7751,892,100
  ave. per event  52,19999,584
 General flood55185628,86511,752,754
  ave. per event  311,434213,686
 Storm surge/coastal flood101478,030252,500
  ave. per event  17,80325,250

Created on:Oct-23-2014. - Data version: v12.07

Source:"EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database,
Universite catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium"

*Events recorded in the CRED EM-DAT. First Event: Jan/1900, Last Entry:Dec/2013.